Carsaib Lightwish
Carsaib Lightwish image
Carsaib in his "Cleaning" gear.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Blood Elf
Faction Horde
Status Missing, Presumed Dead

Carsaib Lightwish, a Sin'dorei whose exact origins are unknown. He was raised by the Goblin Grel'k for most of his childhood in the brutal deserts of Tanaris. Since his mentors death, Carsaib travelled, meeting new people, friends and foe alike.

His current whereabouts are unknown,

Relations Edit

Shalya Lightwish - Sister, disowned.

Lyssah Galderia - Ex-Wife.

Grel'k - Mentor, deceased.


Kaelthal Onderon - Accomplished Bloodknight and general of more than reasonable skill. Kaelthal was one of the first people Carsaib met when he first arrived at Silvermoon City, and the two similar men instantly clashed. Both with words, and with steel. However, since then, Carsaib and Kaelthal became good friends, fighting alongside one another many times, each saving the others life on countless occasions.

Sithren Strifeheart - Strifeheart, a Bloodknight Master and defender of Justice in Silvermoon is a man of whom Carsaib held in high Regard. He held Sithren in high regard for his apparent unshakeable wills, his combat prowess, and his belief that Justice will be Served.

Randall Grimscar - An Ex-Essence Warlock with whom Carsaib became aquainted. Carsaib learnt that Grimscar's powers over the Nether was matched only by his random idiody. But in a good way. Thranduin Sunslayer -

((There are others, will update soon))

Enemies Edit

The Essence - Carsaib had a long standing fued with the underground organisation. The exact root of this is unknown, but thought to derive from his then Wife, Lyssah Galderia. He fought them relentlessly, even creating a small resistance against them, "Diamond". However, the resistance was short lived, and disbanded after the 'death' of Carsaib at the hands of Geis Archrion, on the falls of Stillwhisper Pond, Eversong Forest. Carsaib since fought them on countless occasions, and was presant at "The End of Essence", where he turned up in a tuxedo, and Monor's excecution, where he did not.

Admiral Quincy Lyon - Perhaps the individual Carsaib loathed the most, Admiral Lyon destroyed Carsaib, his blade did not touch him, but his deception and trickery hurt Carsaib more than any weapon could. He stole away Carsaib's first love, Lyssah, and then later his newly-found Sister, Shalya Lightwsih, was tortured to insanity, and brainwashed by the good Admiral against him.

[[Geis Archrion]] - Former Essence Leader, and Commander of the splinter group [Remnants of the Essence]. Geis Archrion is a skilled close-quarters fighter, and a deadly assassin. The Murderer has and Carsaib has clashed on countless occassions, Carsaib becoming fatally wounded each time, but managing to survive - barely.

Monor 'Argendor' Felnor

((There are others, will update soon))

Occupations Edit

Ranger-Captain of Silvermoon

Leader of the Diamond Resistance


Commander of The Lyceum Private Police Force


Guilds Edit

Booty Bay Inn (Description, forget name)

The Essence (Briefley)

Diamond (Founder)

The Veil something (I don't remember)

The Lyceum (Co-Founder)

Tarnished (Briefley)

Others that I forget

Events Involved inEdit

The End of The Essence

Luxury Zeppelin Crash

Monor's Excecution

War with the Essence

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