The Cartographers Society of Azeroth Edit

The Cartographers Society of Azeroth is a newly forming group of devoted travellers with the a personal love of Azeroth. We hope to travel into less visited areas of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms to not only chart the areas with the intention of making maps, but to fully explore and be part of the area too. We will be doing this in several ways;

Fishing Edit

We are going to be having an expert team of experienced Fishers to go all over the location to find lakes, rivers and coast lines with the intention of reeling in those fish to chart them in personal log books. With this, we hope to provide an excellent source of knowledge for Fishers everywhere. We will no doubt produce a Fisherman's Guide to Azeroth just so people with a passion for the fish can find out where to catch that special salmon they long to have for supper.

Hunting Edit

Don't you go getting any ideas! Hunting they shall do, but mass-killing they shall not! These Hunters will go, armed just in case, around the location charting the various creatures and critters of Azeroth to make, just as for the Fishermen, a Hunter's Guide to Azeroth. Though, maybe samples of different skins will be needed so sadly, we will have to see a few of the creatures killed to log their skins and meats for those bidding hunters.

Miners Edit

These underdwellers will not only chart the various minerals and gems of Azeroth but go deep in the caves and dungeons to find out what is hidden beneath the surface. Surface work could also be interesting for our budding scientists as not only minerals will be pulled up, but soil samples will be collected and examined for any strange things. This can help us provide the Miner's Guide to Azeroth and even the Cave Explorer's Guide to Azeroth for those who like it dark and dirty. (( Make jokes and I kill you! >:) ))

Herbologists Edit

For those who have a knack for seperating the kingsblood from the peacebloom, these grass fiends will go hunting for information. Yes! They will look for herbs and for tress and just about anything included in wildlife to chart it and even with the aid of other Craftsmen, some possible uses for the collected items! And yes, you got it! We will be creating the Herbologist's Guide to Azeroth!

The Adventurer's Guide to Azeroth Edit

This will be the most prestigous book of the lot! This will be a collation of all the information we will have collected in the other books to create the Ultimate Traveller's Guide. The previous specific books will be complete guides of all the locations together whereas these books will be specific to the single Location. It will provide not only the local Herbs, Wildlife, Fish and so on, but detailed maps, paintings and drawings from our bidding editors and cartographers! And not only that, but local history so you can not just go on a trip to a far off land, but on a journey of discovery!

Now, this will all begin in the summer so if you feel like helping, give me a shout and I will add your name to the list!

Signed, Gladral Faernhurst, Dwarf of Ironforge.

OOC Edit

Some of you know it, and yes, becomming reality shortly. To clear it up, we will be spending a week on each area (Maybe two if people love the location and there is enough to do). Do not think that it will be every week. I can't do that like most, and it won't be all in like you must be at the base camp whenever you are on the character, but it would be nice if we were all around the camp fire talking or maybe contemplating going for a walk to map out a nice walking route!

If your character wants to send in a written article of an discovery or even a painting or drawing, send me a screenie (No names or such in the screenshot) and I can convert it into a painting or drawing as required, and can even change colour, sharpness and even, if you want your character to be bad, make it a terrible picture!

The whole idea of this event is twofold. (At the moment)

A) Event Creation. As for as i'm concerned, I will be planning three events over the course of the week. One will be walking to and setting up base camp, one shall be exploring the main focus of the area (Ahn'qiraj, Sunken Temple etc.) mid week and the final, taking the camp down, packing up and setting off to one day meet again. I want you lot to make your own events during the week and it can be anything! Go fishing, go on a hunt! Look at the above items and take your pick! You can even just go for a walk and meal just to take in the area's atmosphere!

B) To once again bring life to the Old World. There is not enough RP in the Old World areas of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. With this I want us to delve into the more neutral areas (As the Alliance exploring Durotar and Orgrimmar might be slightly difficult) so we can once again take it all in and enjoy the work that is the World of Azeroth, thanks to Blizzard.

Most importantly, we shall be doing this together, Alliance and Horde, so we can have fun! If you or your character doesn't like Alliance working with Horde, then do not fret! I will work my hardest to find seperate camps so we aren't too close! But of course, go for a wander into the other camp if you want to take a look at your Cartographer work mates!

Currently Released/Soon to be Released Edit

These shall not only be posted on here, but made into books on Gryphonheart Items/GHI for your character to enjoy in game. The reason they shall be posted on here will mean easier access to the material that -you- have written and the pictures -you- have taken. Of course, it shall take some work on my part to make them GHI style and remember, changes may be made so check up with me for the most recent version. I may write version numbers on the GHI items and on the site here so you can check if you are up to date!

Adventurer's Guide to Azeroth Edit

Pre-volume- Introduction to the Editors

Volume 1- Stonetalon Mountains

Specific Guides Edit

Fisherman's Guide to Azeroth

Hunter's Guide to Azeroth

Miner's Guide to Azeroth

Cave Explorer's to Azeroth

Herboligist's Guide to Azeroth

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