HOW TO tag characters:

The four following tags are all must-have.

  • The all-important "Characters" tag. This is the only tag we allow in plural and that's only because changing it for so many characters would take a month.
  • Class tag. This must be singular, so "Rogue", not "Rogues."
  • Race tag. Singular, in the common tongue. So, "Blood Elf" and "Tauren."
  • Playable faction tag.

Valid, optional tags include:

  • Alignment.
  • Ingame faction (Argent Dawn, Kirin Tor, etc).

Tags should NOT include:

  • Guild.
  • Roleplay class, if applicable.
  • House/clan/organisation.

If your character belongs to one of these, link it to and from the relevant pages!

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