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Cecelia Rosa Serafol. Likes to be known as Celia, or Ceci. She isnt picky on what you call her. And doesnt often like to be adressed in a formal way.

Physical TraitsEdit

Race and ClassEdit

Night Elf, Druid.


Dead of Winter


Works for Druids of Moonglade.


Deceased Family are..

Nienna Serafol (Mother) Lenwë Serafol (Father) Caiz Fairbreak (Cousin) (Unknown, but assumed to be dead) Leina Fairbreak (Niece) Tari Fairbreak (Auntie) Findartáo Fairbreak (Uncle)

Currently Alive, not all are related..

Vladth Fairbreak Kaelvian Strongshadow Leina Strongshadow


Cecelia once lived peacefully among close relatives in the beautiful forests of Ashenvale, until the Orc's came and destroyed all that she had, Cecelia was left with nothing after that.

She threw herself into Priest training, detaching herself from the rest of Azeroth, refusing to feel any emotions she didn't want to feel. She became calm, peaceful, quite the opposite of what she once was.

Kaelvian a close friend, had followed the young priestess throughout her training, trying to help her in any way he could. Cecelia started to become dependent on Kaelvian and followed him wherever he went, this caused a fair few arguments between the pair, being that Kaelvian didn't want the priestess to come in harms way.

After watching Kaelvian for many years now, Cecelia had decided to take up druid training with her friends support. Soon after Cecelia had found herself in Stormwind, meeting other kaldorei that had wanted to see other parts of the world, it was here she met Medyna, Shafara and Iyokus. And it was at this point in her life that her cousin returned, but not quite the same as she remembered him. He was in fact dead.

After seeing Caizan like this, Cecelia went into a state of shock, for she had missed her cousin, a once close friend of hers, but she didn't expect to see him again, especially not like this.

Caizan didn't remain long in Cecelia's life, for she had joined the ranks of Dead of Winter and saw less of him. But the final time she did see him, the three of them (Cecelia, Kaelvian and Caizan), they were fighting along side in Outlands against the demons, while crossing over to Zangamarsh, it was here Caizan vanished and was rumored to be dead.

Kaelvian watched Cecelia fall apart after these events and took her home back to Medyna, a friend which Cecelia shared a sister bond with. Cecelia then spent the past year alongside Dead of Winter, working along side other kaldorei such as Nhaera, Fierse, Lessiel. A group which she now leads alongside, Ashecroft, Terintha and Kayandre.

Cecelia is still training as a druid along side Kaelvian, she works within the forests of Ashenvale, settled down for the moment, Waiting to see what the future will bring.

Family BackgroundEdit

Lenwe Serafol, was a druid of moonglade, And Nienna was a priestess in Darnassus. The name Serafol is meant to mean, A foundation, order, service, struggle against limits and steady growth.


Cecelia in Moonglade

Criminal RecordEdit

Cecelia is not known for a person that would get into trouble as of now.

... However back in her young careless days, Cecelia has been known to do things that were accidents but didn't quite appear to be them.

Personal NotesEdit

Enjoys a good drink, though she can claim to have given it up. Likes to sing alot, when she thinks no one can hear her. Has an unusual large collection of clothes...

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