Elder Loremaster Celfydd, Champion of the Naaru, the Frozen Wastes, Argent Champion, Seeker, Guardian of Cenarius, etc. etc (herald's voice fades into the background hubbub)

Physical TraitsEdit

Taller than the average elf, with long dirty white hair and slightly wrinkly and somewhat leathery skin attesting to several centuries of healthy outdoor living. Always armed, if just with a knife, on all occasions including ceremonies. Often accompanied by various animals, from the large and ferocious to the small and innocuous. Sometimes has the half-cured pelts of small wild creatures dangling from her scabbard or spear. Apparently pays almost no attention to fashion whatsoever, instead opting for practical and hard-wearing armour and clothes. Could probably get away with washing slightly more often.

Race and ClassEdit

Kaldorei hunter.

Guilds and communitiesEdit

Former outrider and scout for the Aurora Wolves mercenary company, now an independent mercenary.


Has been known to craft several fine pieces of dragonscale armour for friends and companions, however has always eschewed any form of payment for this.


No known living family. Once, after consuming an inordinate quantity of wine at the World's End in Shattrath, she revealed the existence of a sister with whom she had adventured and been close companion for many years. This sister apparently met some grisly fate in Terokkar Forest (perhaps Skettis, although this is pure speculation) from which it was impossible to resurrect her, Celfydd having made pleas both to Tyrande and Fandral to do so but to no avail.


Some of the older elves remember Celfydd in her youth, doing a stint with the Ashenvale Outrunners and a few of the other Sentinel cadres. It was clear from the outset that she wasn't going to settle down in any one place. At one time she thought about taking it easy, and bought a little cottage near Starfall in Winterspring where she stayed for many years, but eventually got itchy feet and left.

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