The second installment of Verdauga's days in Northrend. It is preceded by Cenarion Research Journal I and followed by Cenarion Research Journal III.


Day 22 Edit


It has been three weeks now since we arrived, so I have started a fresh journal as the pages of the other one were full! A part of the wood burns in the Howling Fjord, the ember clutch they call it. It burns and I feel its pain! It is so awful! They cry out in pain.. the suffering is unbearable! I have finished my trials and tasks in the beautiful region of Grizzly Hills and now head north west to the Sholazar Basin, there will be plenty of exotic and wonderful new plants to research here. It is strangely warm, and the rapid streams emit a comforting heat. There are so many Titan structures in Northrend, here some perch upon high bluffs. I met an Elf and his followers, those who followed him were tribal folk.. and he was a Warlock. He has tainted them, they do not behave as they should. Mad Trolls who act like Elves, plotting and blabbering and dead Tauren.. if only I could do something about it.

Day 23 Edit

I have learnt to fly in this cold land! How glorious it shall be to take flight over these lands, just hope my wings don't freeze. I flew up through the storm peaks, and then along the coast past the cliffs of Icecrown, I dare not venture into that land yet! It is very cold and hard for me to flap my wings.. but I shall get used to it. My Wyvern Bloodwing will help carry me when the cold gets too much. I looked north into the seas.. leading into an empty abyss, and the end of the world. There are heavy rains upon the coast of Sholazar, it makes me sticky and hot! I am going to try and save the animals from being hunted and turned into trophies by the evil Nesingwary. An evil woman told me to hunt a lion called Pitch and bring her his remains, I went to warn Pitch but he did not listen to me.. I was forced to kill him! I shall bury him and honour his spirit.

Day 24 Edit


Bacon and egg for breakfast, rain in Mulgore. It was a great joy to work with Grompok again in the Dragonblight, we helped the wildlife there from becoming infected by the Scourge, and were in the service of the great dragons of wyrmcrest temple. Several times me has come to the border of Zul'drak, but never really ventured inside the kingdom. Strangely my work has not involved much undead but no doubt it will in the future. I am developing a compassion for this land, I want to help mend it and aid its peoples. The Tuskaar are fine fishers and I helped them today, but had beans and bread for lunch packed from Kalimdor.

Day 25 Edit

I went to Uldaman today to research other giants, earthern and titans in Azeroth. The ones here are far different then their cousin in Northrend. They build with green brick and lack the runes of their brothers. The ones of Northrend seem to build with gold and black iron, and build outside and upon great peaks, where are the ones in the Badlands seem to bury their structures underground. The beings are made of Iron in the north and stone, I do not know much about their city. I decided to discard my uncle Skarauga's dagger in Uldaman, it feels like it should belong here. I am now helping the Frenzyhearts, a tribe of Wolvar in the lush basin of Sholazar.. Wolvar are a primitive race of wolf like hunters, smaller and less vicious then worgen. This paticular tribe have been driven from their home by the Scourge.. They live simply in hills and make shelters from wood and leaves.

Day 26 Edit


fly by a great black fortress in Icecrown, it have sinister spires of iron and was lined with skulls. It was like a great black claw or sword rising from the ground, it was sealed and surrounded by many black thorns of steel. It is joined to all the black walls that stretch out into the land, great giants of flesh and bone patrol its ramparts. Blue flames stand out against the black metal, as torches and fires burn upon them. It is very silent and windless, with a bitter cold. I fly away to Sholazar to aid Freya, some sort of giant of nature. My business is with Scourge this day, defiling the nature of this basin! They will be strangled by my roots! Eaten by my insects! And burned with the fire of stars!

Day 27 Edit

I woke up having left Northrend and it was raining in Stranglethorn vale! Bless my spirit totems!

Day 28 Edit

There are giant kodo skeletons here in Northrend! But alas me has not seen any alive, they truely are extinct. This paticular one has great gemstones in its eyes. The giaraffe here in the basin are brown instea of yellow, with spots of white. They are popular food for the Dreadsabers. Crystalsong Forest is where Dalaran is situated. It is full of great and beautiful trees of shining silver, and tranquil streams. There seem to be no threats here save a few blue dragons. The land is full of old Elf ruins. The creatures of this land include treants and wolves. There is a great tree of earthly colours standing high as the others, its energy is drawn into me.

Day 29 Edit

I am

becoming more and more depressed. I try to remain brave and strong, but these trials are all very taxing and the Scourge is such a sinister enemy. We are all trying very hard, remembering all too well the invasion. Such darkness.. such sorrow.

Day 30 Edit

I have a cramp in my hoof! I have been dispatched to one of the many dark gates that shade the valleys, I am afraid but confident too and pleased to be striking the Scourge. My task to heal the nature of these lands which are so corrupt by magic, continues also. The arcane is such a terrible foe to nature, for nature is so allergic to it! Amidst the snowy plains and woodlands of the Dragonblight are much greater and terrible forces.

Day 32 Edit

We have been here in Northrend for a whole month now, and still I have not explored the whole continent. My research has been somewhat still of late as I am spending time in the south areas of which I have already written. It is interesting to note that mammoths wander the sholazar basin, they seem to like eating the giant sweet fruits that drop from the trees! The plantlife here is beautiful, would it be wrong to take some home? Unfortunatly for me and all here the Scourge maggots have returned, greater then ever! Today a memorial service was held for the dead in Mulgore, it was most touching. My time in the Dragonblight is over, I will now head for the land of Zul'drak. Will I ever be the same? Will any of us? When these trials are over and the world warms again..Today I felt I reached the peak of my Druidic power, one month after setting hoof here in Northrend!

Day 34 Edit

Goregek let the chickens out again..


Day 36 Edit

I have been sent back to the alien world of Outland, sent back by the Druids to look into the ways of its trees and of its birds. Some birds have been taken ill and a cure is required post haste! I am reluctant to research Zul'drak, once a great empire of the Ice Trolls it has fallen under the shadow of the Scourge. There is not much to note in its trees and bushes as they are dead, but once they were beautiful and lush me thinks. Perhaps I will go there with the Druid Hunbaar when time is right.

Day 39 Edit

Today a market was held outside Orgrimmar for Winter veil (which has approached rapidly!), and I sold scrolls and recipes and festive cloth. It turned out well, and many gifts were brought for loved one to celebrate and share this time of renewal. I will try not to reglect my duties in Northrend because of the festivites. Found a beautiful new mace, it surges with power. It has a strange almost Outlandish design, with a great yellow crystal at its peak. Its hilt design though is very "Northrendic", which is quite square like and bulky in metalish colours. Lots of Northrend armours and weapons have this sort of design, possibly because of the Vyrkal and strong Titan connections this land holds, their designs being similar.

Day 41 Edit


Another of my Eyes has landed here in Northrend. Monashi landed in the Borean Tundra and has set about his tasks. It is my earnest wish to aid the eyes and band together with them in this cold land. What the future holds for Monashi here in Northrend is yet to be seen, but he is strong and loyal and has endured many trials before today. I came to Zul'drak today, there is a great amphitheater in its centre where much blood is spilt. The snow that falls here is dirty, the trees are not bare but their leaves are red. If they were always red or not is yet to be known. There is snow further to the east and pine trees, seemingly uncorrupt. The Trolls here seemed quite intelligent, building great walls which carry water like streams. There are great thorns, similar to those of Quillboar terrain although such creatures are absent and it leaves me pondering about these plants

Day 43 Edit

Woke up in the Storm Peaks after flying there to rest, it is snowy here with pine trees and tall mountains, but my business is not yet concluded in Zul'drak, so my time here can not be yet. It is the night before the great feast! And anticipation is in the air. a busy time it is, our fight against the Scourge does not cease but much there is to prepare, and other walk alone to their own festive doings. And joy is in the air! A time of celebration has come! To celebrate new beginnings and family! And friends! A time to come together and exchange gifts and feast together! We gather to drink and sing under the winter tree, united we are, friends and family! Give and share and feast with joy! The winter has become! Through shadow and evil good shall become! None can break us, for new ages come with joy to wipe away all darkness! We will show the darkness that our spirits can prevail! A time of new ages and joy, that can not be broken.

Day 44 Edit


The feast is here! I went to Moonglade and had fizzing wine and fish to eat for breakfast, and a selection of cheeses. We Druids then paraded to the barrow dens and entered the emerald dream. There we drank sweet sweet wine and ate delicious leaves. We listened to the trees sing. Afterward I went to see my father in Bloodhoof Village and we feasted upon plainstrider, boar and fine cheeses, then drank and sang until the sun went down. I got no presents from any friends despite giving out so many, but got some useless goblin presents and a pretty trinkey of teeth, amber gold, shells and kodo carvings from my father.

Day 47 Edit

After many days of feasting and drinking, my eagles came back to me from Northrend.. there had been a bit of a struggle with many an absence from the feast, and those who had remained were weary. Their feast will take place over the next few days while myself and the others get to work.

Day 49 Edit

New year

New Year 2009

The eyes have been training, it grieves me that they must be thrown into this war, the young and the old. As for my time in Zul'drak it is gloomy and undesireable but work must be done here for the pink skined Zalandar tribe. I swear to have seen them before somewhere! Zul'drak is not so bereft of nature, there are thorn plants, mushrooms and green pine trees with multi-coloured fruit. Update: they are not fruit they are metal painted balls and the trees are winter veil trees. It is snowy upon the higher tier. I flew to Camp Tunka'lo in the Storm Peaks to find one of the oldest Tauren Druids in Azeroth, his name is Xarantaur and has come here, to this village, where the Taunka evacuate to. It will be an honour to work alongside him, we both share a common bond in our quest for knowledge. He is a great Loremaster and we learn more of the greatest Taunka of all, Stormhoof.

Day 50 Edit

New year! My research shall continue into the new year. Today we all got very drunk upon the high rise and watched the fireworks, cant remember much else..

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