The final installment of Verdauga's Northrend diary. It was just about finished, having researched the entirety of Northrend, before Verdauga began to go mad. It follows Cenarion research journal II.

Day 53 Edit

I am now here in the Storm Peaks. It seems to be the favoured land of the Titans, hidden away in the high places of the world. Those who dwell here are still shrouded in mystery. It is cold and windy, but so beautiful. There are rolling clouds in the sky and it can be hard for me to fly around. Frost Wyrms and elementals make this land their home and some Vyrkul too. The earthly Dwarves are still fighting each other. Although I helped them in the Grizzly Hills its is still rather unclear what is going on, but a war it is no doubt. A war between earth and iron. But whos side are these titans on exactly? In this land so close to Icecrown, I am uncertain.

Day 54 Edit

Today I ressurected my beloved soul map, he sewed it together with some fine materials and it is so strong and magical, that I can ride upon it and fly across the skies! A soul map can never truely die. Keeyakee will be pleased.

Day 55 Edit

The Scourge have a new, sinister plan. To destroy Warsong Hold! A fortress greater then Grommash Hold, and our most important base in Northrend. They must be stopped, we can not afford to be pushed out of the tundra. My time continues in the storm peaks, and I learn not all titans and their lessers are malevolent. There are some who have resisted joining the Lich King. But the main enemy here are the Dark Iron Dwarves and the giants and titans who care not for little folk like me. They serve an Old God, similar to the Dark Iron clan in the eastern kingdoms. It is all quite humbling to be caught up in a war between giants and titans here, for that is the case sadly. But as I recently learned, big immortal creatures like Dragons, have compassion still for the smaller races. I have heard disturbing whispers..

Day 58 Edit

In my time spent defending the Warsong Holds, I have come across a pen of pigs - and humans. Humans? What are they doing here! They are deserters, too afraid to fight the Horde so they have simply given up and surrendered to the Horde. Looking at the size of Grommash Hold, I do not blame them in a way. They fear death.. but so do I! When I die all I worked for will be gone.. all scattered and shattered upon the winds. Can my life not be preserved in some way? Today I learned about a plant called shimmer weed from an elf called Red. It is a rare plant native to Dun'morogh and is used by Dwarves for cooking and brewing. What they do not know is that when smoked it gives the same effect as being drunk without damaging your liver! But perhaps it damages your lungs instead.

Day 59 Edit

The elementals here in Northrend seem more advanced then any I have seen before! They wear armour and carry swords or maces and work alone or with titans, though it seems the Scourge can have no hold over them. The Mammoth here in the Storm Peaks are white, and roam the plains sweeping with snowy winds. I hope to tame one of them someday.. but I will need the trust and knowledge of the great giants to do so. The following days will consist of me flying around the regions of Northrend, mainly in the southern areas to go over my research again and help in the Warsong Defensive.. but soon I will have to fight in the place I have been dreading and avoiding - Icecrown. I will have to sleep in my bear form tonight, its so cold!

Day 60 Edit

Beneath the Wyrmrest Temple are several portals to the several Dragon domains, one portal of which is an emerald portal to the dream persumeably, sealed though by its guardians.

Day 61 Edit

I have returned to the Howling Fjord to reluctantly do some service for the Forsaken here and look deeper into the flora and fauna of the land. If it was not for the Forsaken finding a cure for the plague then we would not be here. But the Elves and Forsaken here are so quick tempered and have a burning, angry and vengeful attitude. But I do not blame them, we all shared their pain those terrible and dark days of the invasion when shadow consumed the land. It is from that experience that we strive more to end the Scourge and destroy the Iron Crown. The cliffs in Northrend are the highest in all Azeroth, a nasty fall for any clumsy adventurer. The mess would be worse then a Quillboar's bed!

Day 62 Edit

There is one region save Icecrown that I am yet to write about. That region is Wintergrasp, tucked between Sholazar, Icecrown, Borean Tundra and the Dragonblight. It is high upon a flat mountain summit and only acessable by portal or by wing. Lake Wintergrasp it is officially called as much of it is frozen ice. There is no water source from above to feed the lake, perhaps there was in earlier days and it would have come from Icecrown to the north, but alot of its water source pours down into other regions, Sholazar and the Dragonblight both have waterfalls coming from this region. There are many trees, mostly bereft of leaf and most interestingly are the elementals. From fire to wind, all sorts of elementals make their home here. The land is dominated by titan structures, and it is over the fortress, named Wintergrasp Fortress respectivly, that the Alliance and Horde fight over for its secrets deeper within.

Day 64 Edit

There is little else to write about Borean Tundra and Coldarra, but my time will be spent here rather alot in later days when doom falls upon the great hold of Warsong. Coldarra gives me terrible headaches, it is enough to drive me mad as it has done many other begins of nature. Malygos has my hatred! They claim he has gone mad, or become corrupt but must that always be the case with malevolent beings? Perhaps they just want to become destructive and evil and have no motive for it, or perhaps they see that they are doing good. Not all evil is madness. We have three enemies here in Northrend, the Scourge, the Iron Dwarves and the Blue Dragonflight. We have our hands full indeed! Saw a proto drake carrying a rhino in its talons today!

Day 67 Edit

Northrend has many fine beverages and food. The Filthy Animal (the Horde inn located in Dalaran) has a wide selection of ales and dishes. The wizards of this city certainly know how to see to our needs, Mulgore firewater, Silvermoon port and cactus cider (a favourate of mine) are all being brewed and sold in the city. From Sholazar basin there are many delicious fruits, and from the Storm Peaks comes yeti cheese which is usually salted. In general the food here is very healthy, and I carry honeymint with me at all times! My battle armour is coming together, it is simple yet sturdy and not as magnificent as the armours awarded for the slaying of great dragons or sinister undeads. Perhaps it is war against the Alliance is not noble like Scourge slaying is.

Day 68 Edit

68 days we have been here, it seems like we have been here much longer. The mists of time hang heavy here. The waters of Wintergrasp are extremely clear, but very cold. So cold it feels like your flesh is slashed by it, and your head is frozen into pain! It is a very diverse land, grassy summits with grass and flowers, shady forests and firey craters. My time will have to be here for this night, to collect the precious elemental crystals to use in craft to make armours to keep out the cold in a chronic sense. If we can take the power of the elements who hold such power over these lands then perhaps we can prevail in the unpredicable weather and our most dangerous foes who weild elemental power.

Day 71 Edit

My mammoth is now big enough to ride! His name is Ulbaz and he is huge! He is covered in a thick layer of fur, but there are mammoth in the Sholazar Basin so perhaps they can survive in warmer climates like Kalimdor. And so my old bear Blacktongue has been released into the wild. I have returned to the Howling Fjord, among its small winding roads round hilly bends with pine trees upon them where animals graze there is grief in this land. Caused not by the Scourge but by the Hand of Vengeance, a group of Forsaken and Elves who crave revenge desperately. They suffered worst at the hand of the Iron Crown yes, but they should not get away with what they are doing! They are destroying the land with their sinister plague!

Day 74 Edit

The Lunar Festival is here! The festival has more meaning then ever this year, since our great victory over the Legion last year. It is also an important time for honouring the ancestors. Although we Tauren honour our ancestors with each passing day, we will honour them greater then ever with fireworks and song! Moonglade looks more beautiful then ever, although the atmosphere is ruined somewhat by tourists. I will travel across the lands to honour the ancestors. "The stars of this time are bent on new paths, beacons of hope and strength for the coming ages."

Day 77

There life underwater in the Howling Fjord is thriving. The water is very fresh and clean and there are plenty of sharks and seaweed. There are also many sunken wrecks beneath the waves, torn apart in icy storms by mountains of ice floating upon the waters. On the shores live sea lions, and small flightless birds. There are many pirates, smugglers and buccaneers on the west coast, who seem to be living a easy life hunting treasure and drinking grog, oblivious to the evils of this land, save a ghost ship.

Day 79 Edit

Today I caught a glimpse of the great Dragon, Malygos. He looks very ancient, and more powerful then any other Dragon I have ever laid eyes on! He is not evil in my opinion, just firm in his beliefs, and he will do whatever it takes to uphold them, like me. Unfortunately his beliefs are that no mortal should use magic, which puts many lives at risk..

Day 82 Edit

I have travelled the lands and honoured all the Elders, the pilgrimage was very refleshing and gave me much wisdom and greater understanding of the ancestors. It truely was an honour to travel and meet them all, as an Elder myself now perhaps next year people will honour me?

Day 84 Edit

Icecrown, the final goal. So it has come to this. I have begun work in Icecrown, the most dangerous place in the world. The air is so very cold here and my wings can just carry me through the winds. I have landed at the Argent Vanguard, a camp where the Paladins and light followers dwell ready to fight the Scourge. The surrounding territory here is similar to the Storm Peaks, snowy pine trees and mountains of dark rock, but no doubt the land will change drasticly deeper in. It is here the true trials begin, all we have worked at has led up to this. Some of my efforts in Icecrown have caused me to return to Crystalsong Forest. Crystalsong Forest is a quiet place where not much goes on, it is peaceful and its most prominent feature is of course, Dalaran, city of Mages. However due to this the Blue Dragonblight have been drawn to the area, and have corrupted the nature here with their arcane powers. Unsuprisingly, there are Elven ruins here, remnants of the vast Kaldorei empire.

Day 86 Edit

Today we hauled supplies via kodo and mammoth caravan from Icecrown to Warsong Hold to prepare for the coming storm. The journey was taxing and not without peril, but it was among good company. For some ridiculous reason the supplies were delivered deep within Icecrown, and we have to take a dangerous journey down a snowy slope, into Sholazar. There were ambushes along the way, Scourge archers! The attack startled the beasts, and we were scattered down the avalanche. While the others fought off ghouls and even a great Frost Wyrm we made our way (after recovering any lost goods) down the snow into the humid, pleasant atmosphere of Sholazar Basin. We were out of Icecrown but not out of danger. Scourge territory, still. No pylon of the titans here standing to protect our caravan from Scourge presence. Brave Blood Knights and other Warriors, loyally defended our caravan. We reached the safety of the road, passing past the great avatar of Freya, of which she has been written of in previous journal entries. A paticular Tauren named Stumplehoof had a rough time, for his smell attracted many wasps, ghouls, wild gorillas and other dangerous creatures to him, located in the passenger seat of a noisey-goblin-metal kodo. Despite this he made it to the Hold. After we got through Scourge trouble blocking the road out of Sholazar of course, and passed the safety of the Borean Tundra, where we were not hassled.

Day 87 (Warsong Defensive day 1) Edit

The Warsong Defensive has begun! We can not allow this great fortress to fall, for if it falls so falls the Horde campaign in Northrend. It is led by an odd Orc, Gremkarc . He always hides behind his beast mask, perhaps he has some bad wounds on his face. He is mysterious but full of good intention, I hold respect for him (though on our last meeting I was rather drunk and delerious, it was during the invasion at the story-telling). We gathered around to hear him speak and to prepare for the battles to come, in that moment an attack began outside! Nerubians! We all rushed to see our enemies desend from the sky and they were quickly disposed of, for such a great gathering of people had arrived, all with loyalty and commitment in their eyes and hearts. The Cenarion Circle have sent me here, and all my efforts will earnest. However, soon other duties called me away from Warsong Hold on its first day of the defensive.

Day 88 (Warsong Defensive day 2)

I arrived to a great commotion in the Hold, the earth was shaking.. an attack from below! Our ward (a protection upon the hold which was placed the day before the defensive began) evidently has failed, as nerubians broke through, destroying parts of the hold and attacking its defenders. I was struck by a great nerubian against a wall and lost conciousness, luckily though the kind healers took me to the infirmary. Nothing too bad, just a bump. The shamans then took care of rebuilding the parts of the Hold which had crumbled. I aided in training the gunners of the hold by dropping targets for them, which brings me to mention how much technology has moved on since we came to Northrend. People ride upon machines that carry them and others swiftly across the lands, and now the Horde and Alliance have greater zeppelins that soar the skies, great ships of the air! The land is dangerous in Icecrown so our main Base there is upon the zeppelin, Orgrim's Hammer. Today has been eventful, a booming voice of doom rang out around the hold - Paggorn it was, our greatest enemy in our efforts to defend the hold. He is a Demon, strange that he is serving the Scourge, but it is he who leads the undead against this great fortress and seeks to bring about its demise.

Day 89 (Warsong Defensive day 3)

I arrived at the hold with Runukk, to get him into the defensive. He has been away on business for some time but has returned recently. He brings explosives and other devices which are resented but tolerated by myself. The hold seems quieter today, the Shamans did a good job at repairing the hold. I wonder if I shall have to keep another journal for coming days, though I should have covered all in 100 moons. Today the Hold was attacked by Frost Wyrms, Paggorn is stepping up his attack. I was called away though by duty in Icecrown. The place is a wasteland the land is so blighted that it makes me feel ill to fly over it. It is so silent. Death and shadow. Mu'sha is hidden from my sight, and my powers dampen here. The only prominent feature of this ghostly land are the black steel walls with claws of iron, dotted with blue flame. There are also the ever Scourge loyal Vyrkul in their foul smelling towns, darkness looms ever over them and there are ghastly echoes filling the valley, enough to make this old bull frightened like a calf in a nightmare.. except this nightmare is real.. The Vyrkul from my experience know not the meaning of compassion or mercy, and strive ever to destroy and corrupt. Our forces in Icecrown have become well established, with Argent Dawn and Knights of the Ebon blades holding relatively secure outposts. The creatures of this land are vile and unnatural, they do not make me as ill as Demons do, but they are so empty and creeping. Leapers, abominations.. oh, I can not write of it any longer! It upsets me too deeply! Tomorrow is the love festival, sickening yes, but welcomed in this time..

Day 92 (Warsong Defensive day 6)

The Hold was quiet today, but I only arrived later on to head for the infirmiry and check up on the paitents there. Edanna seems to be spending an awful lot of time there as a paitent. We sat and had a drink and dicussed why Forsaken have yellow eyes. I thought perhaps it was the power of the light and Edanna siad perhaps it was their will to be alive that causes the yellow glow which could almost be compared to the eyes of a Kaldorei.

Day 93 (Warsong Defensive day 7)

Today the ground trembled and terrible screeches filled the air! From the south, raptors of mort flesh and bone! Undead raptors charged into the hold and met the steel and spell of the defensive. I ran to defend the Overlord, he could not be allowed to fall! Outside once the raptors were defeated we met a sight that could make any bull tremble! A Devilsaur.. King Dred it looked like, but he was dead! He was resilient and strong but could only take so many spells and arrows before he crumbled, though crushing people with his huge frame..! The worse is yet to come, we have set up an outpost near the Temple City and tomorrow we will crush Paggorn and the defensive shall be victorious!

Day 93 (Warsong Defensive final day) Edit

My throat was dry. My hands were sweaty. I had a sickly feeling in my stomach. Today Paggorn would unleash the greatest of his army upon the hold. It would be a glorious day no doubt about that, it would be a day of doom or glory. To let them get too close would mean certain destruction. We rushed to the barricades and awaited the coming storm. Leaping ghouls and great abominations crashed into our forces! From above gargoyles swooped upon us, they were met fircely by drake riders! Nothing that we had not had to deal with before.. until the ground shook like an earthquake was upon us. We looked up from the battlefield where our foes lay slain, we looked up to see the hope ender approaching - Thrym. The name reminds me of Threm the Orc, except this creature was not a puny weakling. He was huge and his smell was so potent you could smell it a mile off. One of the greatest abominations to walk Azeroth. Piles of flesh and metal and other manner of soul substance made up this giant. With one great kick he sent the mighty Death Knight Vitanisus flying! The Drakes and Wyverns were essential in bringing the stupid but powerful beast down, and as he fell so did I, and my legs were broken! Assoon as they were mended I flew upon my wyvern with all haste to the Temple City to engage in the final battle. With aid from the Shamans the gates were brought down and the arrogance and over-confidence of Paggorn came down with it. The Dreadlord was all flash and no fury, and was destroyed quickly by the defensive. His head was hung above the entrance to the hold for all to see, and I swelled with pride. We had done it. The Warsong Defensive had prevailed.

Day 95 Edit

The waters surrounding Icecrown are as dead as the land itself.. cold and black yet sharks dwell in their depths to my suprise. The air can seem so heavy and it is an effort to fly through it, like honey it is.. cold honey.. the beast with a thousand maws spreads his madness here to the Saronite mines and there is a most definate presence of old and forgotten ones beneath the barren wasteland. It would not suprise me to discover that the Scourge and faceless ones are working together, as the Nerubians serve the Scourge though their origins are not of undeath - rather of ancient malevolent underground powers.

Day 96 Edit

There is evil beneath the ground, and evil on the surface. The air is thick with fog and the winds are silent. Yogg. You would be foolish to think that the Scourge do nothing but burn buildings and destroy towns. They create them also. A terrifying truth that there is some order within them. Necropolis, just like the ones that loomed near our towns in the midsummer past - unholy omens. Dark clouds in the sky they seem in Norhtrend. And as if they had ever been, the black walls of claw and shadow built strong and resilient. Shur'nab. Will the world also be like this when it is reborn? When it is cleansed? When order is destroyed.. two forces working for the same goal but not together! Saron

Day 99 Edit

The whispers dont stop now, it makes me feel better because it is so dark here and so cold. The whispers dont stop now.

Day 100 Edit

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