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Tel'dorei Family is fictional family of Tom Ignatius' characters (though it may change) characters on The Sha'tar EU European realm. The members of family are:

  • Ignatius, druid, grand restorer
  • Ignafir, missing hunter
  • Artnar, adopted human child, now so-be-evil warlock
  • Ceonadore, warrior, also known as Huntress of Dead
  • Ceo, fallen priestess

Ceonadore Tel'dorei
Commander ceonadore


Commander; Huntress of Undeath




Night Elf




Own secret military organization

Health status

Well, lost one eye.

Character Level



Alive and active


Northrend & Stormwind City

General Information

Name, race, etc.

Name: 'Commander' Ceonadore Tel'dorei

Race: Night Elf

Title: Huntress of the Undeath / Rider of Life

Gender: Female

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Ceonadore was once a commander within her ranks. Though it does not exist any more, many of those who have respect to her will still call her that.

Physical Traits

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General lore and History

Not much is known about Ceonadore's past. The fact is that she was born in elvish family of Tel'dorei among two sisters -- priestess Ceo and rogue Rioa; and two brothers -- druid Ignatius and hunter Ignafir. Later on sister of human so-be warlock Artnar. Unlike her sisters, Ceonadore chose heavy arms as her way trough the world. She began her career quietly by joining Sentinels]]. Unfortunately for her, life didn't let Ceonadore have peaceful life, as her younger brother - Ignafir - has gone mising from one of his hunts. Her bonds to the family were strong. Young warrior, as she was, started her journey trough the wide world to find her lost brother. By this time it was known, that Ignafir didn't just get lost - he was either kidnapped or killed with no trace.

As Ceonadore progressed trough the unknown to her lands of Kalimdor, she has been watched. An agent of unknown organization, similar to SI:7. A human male showed on her path, appreciating her search as she has got rid of many enemies that opposed her, and offered to help her in the search, in exchange of working for them.

Many years have passed since that moment she joined The Order, as she personally calls them, although that's not their official name. The Order become her new home, a second family. Ignafir was never found, but that didn't take away her hope. Many members of The Order have died in those years, including Ceonadore's commanding officer, who she had succeeded, and become known as Commander Ceonadore. After she had taken the position, things went wrong. Many enemies made their actions to eliminate her, resulting in death of many her friends. In time, Ceonadore dissapeared with no trace, leaving many behind confident of her certain death.

In truth she was kidnapped and taken to the Blackrock Mountains. Soon she discovered her captors. Surprisingly that was Black Dragonflight that saved her. But, things didn't change much. Black Dragonflight tortured her greatly, trying to brainwash her and make Ceonadore their new champion. For her damnation, they've managed to success. No longer bound to her own will, she seeded terror in hearths of those who dared oppose her masters.

That was several weeks later, when she began reclaiming her will. The blade of Sul'thraze the Lasher got into her mind, talking to her. As her mind was weakened, the blade successfully made her a case for imprisoned in the blade soul. She ran away from her current captors, although they chased her. There was no place in Azeroth she was safe in. She had to run to the forgotten lands of Outland. It was there, where blade lost interest in her, as sword's plans were strict to Azeroth only. Ceonadore reclaimed her will and thrown the blade away, leaving herself armless in the wild environment.

She did not count the days, that in fact become weeks, that become months. All by herself she learned how to fight the wilderness. Prepared enough she went back trough the Dark Portal to Azeroth, gathering all those still loyal to her, who although believed she was dead, did not hesitate to join her. She struck directly into Blackwing Lair, defeating her former captors. But even after having her thirst of vengeance extinguished, she could not return to her life as she had before.

Ceonadore wandered off to the Plaguelands, the place crawling with undead. There she began work with Argent Dawn. Headed north, towards the city of Stratholme, she remembered Artnar, her human brother adopted by family. He was born there, in this city, shortly before Scourge came. He lost his family and he barely escaped alive. Thinking of this, Ceonadore wanted to avenge him. She had done so by clearing the city of rotting undead and the Baron Rivendare.

However, her purpose was not yet fulfilled. Even in Outland, she had not found her brother. There was only one more place she could possibly find him in. Now, as the Huntress of Undead, she wandered off to Northrend, only to discover fearsome things that happened while she was away...


Friends and Family

Many of her close friends have died. The new plague of Death Knights spread trough Azeroth. They might call themselves Knights of the Ebon Blade and fight against Lich King, but for Ceonadore they are just another threat to eliminate.

Ceo and Dasrin

The plague even hit her family. Her sister, Ceo, have died recently, only to be brought back to unlife as a Death Knight. Former priestess now hide, being afraid to show herself to Ceonadore.

Ceo was not the only one to be consumed by unholy powers - Dasrin Tascer, the only one left among living she could trust, also got led to the unholy side of the board. Although her former relationship with him was strong, she could not thrust him anymore. She also threated him as the enemy of living - so she began the hunt. After time, impossible happened. Dasrin's curse has been released. She had no longer a quarrel with him. The further relationship is unknown.

Ceo, knowing the pain, tried to help Dasrin find a proper way to give him the powers he so desires, but keeps him away from the terrible destiny that could await him if he would make any mistake. In the final events, she had freed him from his and her curse, but doomed herself to release her evil side as a separate being.


Her only living and not lost member of family is elder brother druid Ignatius. Though she does not have much in common with him, both of them can be recently seen in Northrend. ((Separately due to one account))

Artnar the Lifedrinker

There is also Artnar, her human brother. He was the one whose life was destroyed by the Scourge and Arthas. Artnar, since his young days, was studying dark ways of magic, long forbidden by night elves. For some time he practiced ways of demonology and affliction. Ceonadore could not blame him, it was the thirst of vengeance that led him. Young warlock was however expelled from the lands, as his dark tricks could not be tolerated. Ceonadore has no contact with him what so ever, but now experienced warlock seems to be interacting with her life, trying to help her in the way she cannot notice. Artnar also hides in shadowy realms where he cannot be harmed by enemies. He is way older than the date of his birth would allow it, which can bring up conclusion that he traveled in time. For unknown reason, the name of Artnar can be associated with "The Lifedrinker", even against one's will.


Trough her travels, Ceonadore has found new friends that she think of differently than of others. With those she travel and share experience. Most common companion she can be seen with are:

  • A female draenei (or so she tends to look like) mage nicknamed Chril.
  • A male night elf druid called Jeviss.

Criminal Record

The most intriguing thing is that Ceonadore does not have one, not even empty one. Instead, there are many badges of valor and heroism, achieved from events long forgotten by everyone. Sad to know how many times she saved many beings, yet no-one dares to speak of it...