Cerk'an Stormherald
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Physical Traits Edit

Old and wrinkled, unusualy hunched even for a Troll, he carries four finely carved totems on his belt, and a feathered pendant hangs from his neck.

Race and Class Edit

Troll Shaman

Guild Edit

Dagger and Totem

Occupation Edit

Restorer, in his younger days a gatherer.

Cerk'an has now retired for good, his old body too broken by the Cataclysm to be able to go on. He still lives, but nobody, not even his clan, are certain of where.

Family Edit

Kal'an the Herald - Father - Deceased.

Priestess Da'Liira - Mother - Deceased.

Ca'tzin - Younger brother - Alive, living in Sen'Jin village.

Background Edit

A shaman and soldier who has seen quite a few too many battles, from the founding of Durotar and prior, to the insides of Karabor itself.

Family Background Edit

None written, will add in later.

Criminal Record Edit


Personal Notes Edit

Since I'm a lazy sod, I haven't written very much of his backstory, and I doubt I ever will. But hey.

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