This is a small piece I wrote for a forumthread a while ago, thought I'd post it here as well.

Peace. It seemed like a lifetime since the old shaman last had felt a true peace. Not that feeling of beeing somewhat safe at night, but that true feeling of peace. In himself, in the Earth, in the Air, in the Water, in the World itself. And to belive, he had played a part in bringing that peace back to Azeroth. Many long days had he stood there, out on the battlefield alongside his guild. Nay, they were more than his guild, they were his second family. They came from diferent walks of life, The humble Tauren, Warbringer Dentrak Splinterhoof, or the blood elven priest, Naliah Dawnguard, who's family were Silvermoon officials, All that did not matter, out there. Whoever you were, whereever you came from did not matter. You were a family, and you looked out for oneanother.

But those days were gone. Long gone. With the weakening of the Legion, from the tower of Karazhan to the battle for Hyjal itself inside the Caverns of Time, they had been there. They had seen the Legions work, and lived to tell the tale. Hyjal. That got him thinking. His visit to the Caverns was a reunion. One that he could have lived without. The horrors and the might of the Scourge and Legion working together was much more than anyone of the others could understand. But he could, for he had seen it before. Hours on end they had fought, to finally get a glimpse of what was facing them. But Cerk'an did not need to see, for he knew what was coming. Death himself was making his way towards the World Tree, and it was no pleasant sight. He shrugged at the thought, and went out of his home in Splintertree Post. He checked his mailbox, and found a letter wich stood out from the rest. The handwriting was distinct, and it read:

"Greetings, old friend. It is time that we, once more, meet up, talk some about the old times, and dream about the new.We will meet at the Inn in Ratchet, in two weeks time. Signed ~ "Dentro" Splinterhoof. "

"A meetin' wid dem 'gain... Yah, ah need som'un tah talk to, som'un to remembah dem old times wid..."

The shaman took one, deep breath, dreaming back to his time of glory, and went back to his house.

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