Chanah Wolfsbane
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Tauren
Faction Horde
Health Strong and living
Level 80
Status Watcher of the Tribe, Agrammar
Location Kalimdor

Chanah Wolfsbane is a strong independant woman with her child, she is a caring and loving person with a heart bigger then her mind, she tends to see the world as the good side of what it is, always looking for friends and new experiances as she explores the world.

Chanah is a Shaman and just like her fire elemental, some of her moods can be wild and destructive, while like her water element she can be slow, easy going and has a tender caring side she often shows.



"How can one know their enemies if they never talk to them face to face?" Chanah said this to Verdauga Whitecloud when he confronted her about talking to Màugrim.


"Stop staring at my tail and help me!" Chanah yelled this at Sothrana Whitecloud while fighting, earning her the name "Sexy tail".

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