Apperance and personality

  • Full name: Chaouleon Ithora
  • Age: Late teens.
  • Height: 187cm
  • Family: Daysee Ithoria

Chaouleon moves with a look of confidence about him. He has a lithe athletic build and prefers to dress in tight dark clothes when not donning his armor. Still very young he and his sister travel together, trying to make the world a better place. Or, at least from his point of view.

He's not used to the big cities, and prefer to go there alone, without his goofy sister to accompany him. He likes to listen in to people's conversations and can sometimes feel jealous of their friendship as he doesn't have many friends himself. He never really cared to take in the reason that the Horde and Alliance sides are fighting against eachother and holds no grudges against anyone. He sees most of the fighting going on between the two factions as 'games'.

Having a rather carefree attitude to life in general, Chaouleon never hesitates to lend an ear or hand to anyone who might need his help. This is partly the reason why he gets to relax so rarely, because there always seem to be someone to help somewhere... And he loves the idea of being a 'hero'.

Despite being a rogue, Chaouleon considers himself to have a very good sense of what is right and wrong... At least in his own opinion.


For as long as Chaouleon remembers, it's always been just him and his sister. There were never any parents, so he and Daysee had to take care of themselves, which usually meant stealing whatever food they came over.

When his sister enlisted to become a Blood Knight, Chaouleon continued plundering the nearby households in Silvermoon even if Daysee was able to provide them with food from the academy. It was mostly 'just for fun' as he put it. Usually though it made him feel bad after a little while and he always returned the item he stole, together with something else for compensation.


The bouncing rogue strikes again!


Likes animals a lot

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