The Caged Rage of Xai Archrion Edit

Xai walked down the wooden stairs of the ship hand pressed against the wall mind racing feeling knotted inside after she had just confronted her father after the split from the remnants, and joining Quincy’s guild. Spotting Lyssah sitting peacefully upon the chest at the far end, Xai made her way over feeling of pain and confusion building up inside as she stared down at the blonde haired elf gritting her teeth.

“Xai....where did you go I was worried about you...” Lyssah’s voice broke the silence unsure of what to do or say she simply replied...”To talk to my father...”

Xai heard a sigh escape Lyssah lips when she said those words “what did he say?”, Shaking her head slightly Xai thought back to those moments when she lost her temper with the only person that really meant something to her. “Nothing important....” Xai growled beating her fist against the side of the hold. “Xai calm down getting angry isn't going to make things any better...” the words seemed almost laughable to Xai “I cant help it everything just makes me so angry I'm so confused I just want to hurt someone!”

At that moment a darkened figure stepped out from the shadows...Zorreck...Lyssah turned her glaze to him a moment then smiled that almost seemed chilling “Zorreck Fight Xai....” Zorreck stared at Lyssah then Xai “what for?” A smirk spread across Lyssah’s lips “she needs a sparring partner now that's a order”. With a slight grumble Zorreck pulled his swords from his belt glancing at Lyssah one at time before he felt a punch hit his left jaw “OoF!”

Stumbling back slightly he blinking in surprise Zorrecks eyes met Xai, he pulled himself up from his some what slumped postion taking a deep breath before he slipped into his stance his blades balanced out in front of him. Xai did the same pulling her daggers from her belt eyes fixed on Zorreck, she felt her muscles twitch with rage before she lunged at him. In a violent assault her slashes coming from every direction Zorreck managed to block most catching a glimmer of a unguarded chest he lumged forward with a strike to her chest. Xai took the hit stumbling back pressing her hand against her stomach and pulled her it away, as she stared down at her blood covering her gloved hand the rage took over spinning her body around she spent her heel into the right of Zorrecks head knocking him back against some boxes behind them but she wasn’t finished she leaped forward not caring that he was holding his mouth in pain and pulled her dagger through his chest Zorreck let out a painful grunt before he over slumped over onto the ground before Lyssah. Either of them had noticed Quincy how had stepped into the room just as the fight started...

The rage began to subside no longer clouded by her sheer annoyance or hate Xai weakly dropped to her knee. Quincy peered at the two as Lyssah sighed looking up at Zorreck and Xai, Quincy stepped over to taking his gloves off and steadying his hand over Zorreck “No....” he gasped holding his chest “her first please...” Xai’s eyes wonder over Zorreck before she slowly followed his gaze to Quincy. With a slight groan Quincy pulled his hand back and fired a bolt of healing energy at Xai, then turned his attention to Zorreck doing the same “I’m not your personal healer next time I’ll leave you to die...” With that Quincy pulled his gloves over his hand turning his attention back to Lyssah, Xai stood up slowly shaking slightly before she slipped into the shadows of stealth as she made her way up the stairs her ears twitched slightly hearing Zorreck speak “what was all that about?” he questioned Lyssah “She had some rage she needed to get rid of...” Lyssah replied in a almost sarcastic tone before Zorreck grumbled...

“I need” Xai stopped at the top of the stairs almost crawling into the corner where she fell asleep..

Days passed just like any other spending most of her time with Zorreck, Xai became rather fond of him maybe because he was like her father maybe she was just trying to find someone to fit the gap she felt since she had no one else around her either way it was something...which was better than nothing.

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