Chienna - mugshot

Name Edit

Chienna Ashfire

Physical Traits Edit

Chienna bears a small tatoo on her right shoulder and has several piercings.

Race and Class Edit

Orc Shaman.

Guild Edit

The Stone Guard

Occupation Edit

Engineer and Outrunner

Family Edit

Father: Keelan Ashfire

Mother: Sunbeam Ashfire

Background Edit

Chienna was brought to her parents as a blood elf infant barely a week old. They were never told who her birth parents were,

but Chienna does not seem to care. She adores anything that has to do with orcs and their culture and goes to

extremes to prove that she is not affraid of anything or anyone to prove her worth as an orc. Impulsive and rash she

often ends up in trouble. The one thing that keeps her out of trouble is her love for tinkering and will often spend

hours alone messing around with her inventions.