Christol Shortrunner

Physical TraitsEdit

Hair: Carrot like hair worn in a ponytail

Eyes: Talasite Green

Height: 5ft3 (160 cm)

Age: 30 (human terms)

Race and ClassEdit

Blood Elf Paladin


Hand of Vengeance


Ingame: Herbalism, Alchemy, Cooking, Fishing, First aid (( maxed))

RP: Chef, Alchemist, Tailor


Nanexia Fenri - Fiancé

Mishael Shortrunner - Daughter

Florien Shortrunner - Sister

Character HistoryEdit

Short summary: Raised on Shortrunner isle in a strict and traditional way but rebelled against parents resulting in getting excommunicated by the elders of the isle, meaning losing her heir as baronnes of Shortrunner Isle. She left the isle to revenge her childhood love who died during the blow up in Gnomeregan. Joined a small mercenary guild, The Sunset Blades, where she learned how to wield a sword. After freeing her childhood loves spirit she enlisted at the Blood Knight Order. After seeing several of her apprentices taking a way she refused to follow. She left the order and abandoned allways of fighting that included weapons only focusing on healing up wounds. Shortly after she joined the Sun Knight order where she served untill Kanaichii disbanded the order. Looking for a new place to serve she asked Nanexia Fenri, first person she got in contact with after leaving the isle, to be her bodygaurd and got quickly promoted to guard captain. After getting pregnant during a short relation with Janeda she resigned as guard captain to raise her daughter. Shortly after Janeda suicided she got betrayed and turned in to Duskwood night watch who brought her to the Stockades where she broke out after a month during a Defias riot. When she came back home she fell inlove with Nanexia Fenri her current fiancé.

Criminal RecordEdit

Insulting Knight Captain Tálas (( <- Evil!))

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