Ciite Stonemane
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Ciite at Gorik's Hammer

Standing guard at Dagger and Totem's new base-to-be, Gorik's Hammer.

Name Edit

Defender Ciite Stonemane, "Shield of the Totem".

Physical Traits Edit

Exceptionally tall, even by Tauren standards. Her armour is battleworn yet well taken care of, and she also carries a large ammount of weapons at most times. (A two-handed weapon of some sort, two one-handed weapons and a shield.)

Ciite in Icecrown

Ciite in her combat armour, battling the Scourge in Icecrown.

As is common with people who have spent a long time fighting, she has a well-developed physique, but remarkably few scars. That is, if you were to ever see her without armour on.

Race and Class Edit

Tauren Warrior

Guild Edit

Dagger and Totem

Occupation Edit

Miner and Blacksmith. Soldier.

Ciite in Thunder Bluff

Testing her newly forged swords of Draenor design, which she crafted herself.

Family Edit

Cern Stonemane - Father - Went missing in battle, presumed dead.

Name unknown - Mother - Unknown.

Background Edit

She battled within a Tauren squadron at the Quiraj gates upon their opening in her (too) young days, and has also lead a small force of heroes into Karazan in an attemp to cleanse it. Recently after beeing sent to the broken Draenor, she met a youg Orc, * Gremkarc of Orgrimmar, a Shaman of restoration, and his slightly moronic friend and sidekick Awqe, a Troll rogue. Gremkarc soon enough got her into the Heroes' Society, and from there on they went to generally save the world. On her travels, she met people as Salax, another of Gremkarc's troll friends, Val'theras San'dulin, a Blood-elf magician, and quite recently the Death knight Leena Gladsworth. As time passed by, she was inducted into the clan Dagger and Totem.

Currently, Ciite is doing the work of her clan, Dagger and Totem, whereever it is deemed neccesary. She is also a part of a strike team into more dangerous areas, such as most recently Icecrown Citadel and the Ruby Sanctum.

Family Background Edit

Not much is known about Ciite's youth and family relations, she and her father lived in the Thousand Needles up untill fairly recently, when the father went to war, and with the mother gone, Ciite was left with the other younglings in Mulgore.

Criminal Record Edit


Personal Notes Edit

Despite looking like an unstoppable juggernaught of destruction, she does have fears. Of what, you'll have to find out yourself.

This post is horribly out of date, just for the record. It will probably see some work soon (tm).

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