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Overlooking Lakeshire

Coriel overlooking her home in Lakeshire.

Name. Edit

Coriel Ranmoore. She accepts Coriel being shortened to Cory or Cor, but never Cori which she thinks is too Elvish.

Physical Traits. Edit

For the most part unremarkable, her only real distinguishing feature is a jagged scar across her right forearm. Around her neck hangs a slender silver chain with a dusky blue gem suspended from it, which sparkles when the light hits it. Clothing is neat but workmanlike, hair is slightly messy. With shoulder-length pale blonde hair and blue eyes she is about averagely attractive, but nothing special. She's rarely seen out of her chainmail these days, even in cities.

Race and Class. Edit

Human Paladin; Warrior: Healer.

Alignment. Edit

Lawful good.

Current Occupation and Location. Edit

Serving with the Argent Dawn in the Plaguelands.

Age. Edit

29, born two years before the fall of Stormwind to the Orcs.

Family. Edit

Father: Ferian Ranmoore.

Mother: Susanna Ranmoore, née Turner.

Sister: Ysabele Ranmoore. Slightly older than Coriel.

Background. Edit

A Famous Name. Edit


Coriel as she appears ingame.

The name of Ranmoore was well-known in Stormwind before its fall. Ferian Mattias Ranmoore was born twenty-four years before the fall of the kingdom to the Orcish Horde, and followed in the footsteps of his father, Matthew Ranmoore, to become a Paladin in the Knights of the Silver Hand. A very devout man, and with the weight of his family name and his father’s expectations on his shoulders, Ferian trained day and night to hone his power, until he wielded the Light as well as his forebears ever had. However, at the age of seventeen, he met Susanna Turner, a commoner who was working as an apprentice to the tailorers of the city, having left her home in Lakeshire. Susanna was a pretty girl, with very blue eyes and dark hair; a perfect contrast to Ferian, who was tall, stocky and blonde. Despite his mother and father disapproving of the match, seeing Susanna as too low-class for their only son, the two were married a year later. The shame Ferian’s mother felt was too much for her to overcome; she didn’t attend the wedding and never again spoke to her son until her death during the siege of Stormwind.

Light on Steel. Edit

For the first year of their marriage, Ferian and Susanna were rarely apart. Together with four or five other Knights and their wives they travelled the length and breadth of the Eastern Kingdoms, from the elven lands of the North to the lush green jungles of the South. Susanna was entranced by the High Elves, with their beautiful architecture and magical prowess; she managed to pick up a few arcane magical tricks from them. Ferian distrusted them, believing that anyone that beautiful had to be hiding something ugly underneath. He preferred the lands of Lordaeron, and spent much time there, riding the land and exploring the city itself. Here he found a deeper meaning to his faith, spending a lot of time with the paladins of the Silver Hand, as they were more numerous in the North.

Susanna was disliked by many of their regiment, as they believed she was nothing more than a pretty face who took up space and resources that could be used by a woman capable of cooking or fishing or in fact with any real skill at all. However, seven months into their travels the regiment heard of attacks on the little town of Lakeshire, where Susanna’s family originated from. When they arrived, they found the town in chaos; ravaged from constant attacks by red-skinned creatures known as Blackhand orcs. The paladins did their best to defend the township, but things were looking bad until Susanna surprised everyone with a previously unsuspected skill at healing. She was able to heal the wounds of the paladins and tend the sick and injured of the townspeople, and so the defence was held until reinforcements arrived from Goldshire. Susanna said afterwards that the sight of her home in danger made her feel both more weak and more powerful than ever.

Five months later, Susanna fell pregnant with her first child. Ferian decided that she should return to Stormwind to be safe, and sent her with two paladins and a message to King Llane. She was given a place at court, with a lady-in-waiting and an allowance to live on; Coriel later remarked that this is when her mother began to turn spoilt and stuck-up. Nine months later, Ysabele Ranmoore was born; two years later she was followed by Coriel.

Rise and Fall. Edit

King Llane had come to respect Ferian's strength and wisdom, and the young family were swiftly elevated to a higher social standing at court despite the rift with Matthew and Serena Ranmoore.
In Feralas

In Feralas, as an envoy to Shandris Feathermoon from Stormwind.

For the next two years the family lived almost permanently in Stormwind, Ferian deciding he wanted to spend time with his children as they grew up. Ysabele had shown a talent for magic from a young age, and was being schooled by a tutor who had trained with the Kirin Tor, along with her mother, who passed on the arcane tricks she had learned in Quel’Danas. Although Ferian indulged this, he was quick to remind both mother and daughter that practical skills were also needed, and as such he arranged for

language and writing lessons for Ysabele. Coriel was too young to be attending school, but besides had never shown the slightest indication that she was magically talented; she spent most of her time with her wet-nurse and playing with her father’s dogs.

When the kingdom of Stormwind was razed by the demonic Orcs, the family barely escaped with their lives; they hired a boat and rowed down the canal and out the city that way. They first fled to Lakeshire, but seeing it in ruins Ferian took the decision to go North, back to Lordaeron. Susanna was unhappy with this, complaining that they would leave the luxury they had at Stormwind behind them; Ferian would not listen, and upon arriving in Lordaeron they sought audience with the paladins there after renting a small house outside the city. King Terenas eventually offered them a place at court.

Family life continued. Ysabele continued to be schooled in magic and had also begun deportment and etiquette lessons, now aged five; Coriel, on the other hand, showed no interest at all. Susanna attended court and Ferian continued his work with the Silver Hand.

Flight! Edit

By the age of sixteen, Coriel intensely disliked her mother and sister, and increasingly felt that the only person in her family that she had anything in common with was her father, who was often away from home patrolling in the farther-flung reaches of the kingdom. Ysabele had proven herself as an extremely talented mage, but her sister disliked the fact that occasionally Ysabele dabbled in demonic magic. Her mother found this amusing and often called for Ysabele to perform her 'tricks' as she called them at private parties, something Coriel thought was weak-minded and generally stupid. Her father never knew, but Coriel knew he would have disapproved of this habit, had he known. When her father was at home Coriel spent as much time as possible with him, and he would school her in languages as well as armed combat and diplomacy. Coriel far preferred these to the etiquette and deportment lessons her mother arranged for her. By contrast her sister was excellent at these latter activities, and a rift thus developed between the two.

Coriel had developed into a proficient healer as well as a good fighter, and she also took an interest in farming and agriculture. After training Coriel would ride her horse, Rex, around the green fields of

Coriel's faith has allowed her to become a skilled healer.

Lordaeron. She made friends of some of the farmers there; one in particular she became close with, although her mother disapproved, ironically reacting in the same way as her mother-in-law had to her, many years ago, despite the fact that there was no hint of a romance between the two. This only deepened the dislike Coriel felt for her mother.

It was a fine day when her father arrived at the cottage where Coriel spent most of her time. With a crash the door slammed open and her father's figure was framed in the doorway, surprising Coriel and making her drop the book she was studying from. It was obvious something was wrong from looking at him; he was hot and out of breath, and his charger looked overtired. He gulped out a few words – ‘Clothes – supplies – medicines – quickly!’, and then mounted back up, wheeled around and charged towards the walled city. Coriel didn’t need to be told twice; she gathered what she had been told, saddled up her horse and waited by the gate. In the distance she could see a procession coming towards her; the villagers were shouting ‘Prince Arthas!’ and cheering and as he got closer she could see the young Prince, proud and straight-backed, leading the cavalry. As the procession swept past she dismounted and bowed, dismissing a strange shiver down her spine; the Prince turned his head towards the cheering villagers and nodded slightly, and then looked back ahead.

After the procession had gone past Ferian returned, pale and tired-looking. Swinging into the saddle, Coriel locked the door and eased into a canter next to her father. Finally, she asked, ‘What’s going on?’ The story her father told her on that ride would change her life forever.

Betrayed. Edit

‘This goes back a while, Cor. That day...we were in the eastern-most corner of the kingdom. A beautiful land, home to Darrowshire and Corin's Crossing. There had been a message sent that Prince Arthas was coming from Hearthglen, and that he was riding to the city of Stratholme. We were to meet him there. I set off with others...on the way we were attacked by animals, they looked crazed almost, and there was a thick, heavy, cloying scent on the air. We rounded the corner, and there they were; the royal procession, with Arthas leading them. The others rode up, but my charger was unhappy so I dismounted. I thought if I loosened the saddle and tried to soothe her she'd be okay...anyway, so I was doing that and watching them. Uther Lightbringer was there, and Lady Proudmoore. Arthas said that the grain intended for the town had been corrupted by the Scourge and that the only hope was to kill all the villagers so that the Scourge plague could not spread. Lady Proudmoore refused...Uther refused...Arthas went ahead and...’

Ferian stopped and gulped for air, looking physically sick. ‘He charged Uther with treason and said that the Knights of the Silver Hand would be no more, and then he and his paladins charged in and murdered...I don’t know how many people. I turned tail and ran, fled back and met Uther at Corin's Crossing...together we went back to the city and Uther talked to Terenas. Later we heard Arthas had left for Northrend, and we thought the whole thing was finally finished. But he’s come back. I heard he was back and I knew he would come this way. The expedition he left with has been decimated, so many dead and I do not trust him, treason though this may be. He’s going to his father, King Terenas, Light help him.’

‘Coriel, your mother and sister are in the city and I’ve left word for them that they must travel south without delay. I know a man in the county of Duskwood who will put them up, and later we will meet them in Lakeshire. As for you and me, we’re going to a place just south of here, the Hinterlands. There are dwarves and high elves there...allied with us. We have to warn them of the Prince’s actions. We have a long ride ahead of us, from there to Hillsbrad to Stromgarde to Menethil Harbour, and from there a boat to Stormwind and back to Lakeshire.’

Suddenly, a scream was heard in the distance – a long, high-pitched wail that was suddenly cut off. As one, the two turned their horses back towards the city and galloped as fast as they could. A servant had fled outside the gate, bleeding heavily; Coriel dismounted and concen trated her power, willing the Light to heal him, as her father continued into the city. The man was barely coherent; he was babbling ‘King Terenas’ and ‘blood’ and ‘Arthas’ but nothing more was audible. Using the Light to knit together the edges of his wound, Coriel led him to the side of the road and gave him the key to her cottage – ‘Listen! This place is yours now, go there and recover. It’s down the road, to the left and then the third on the right, use it for as long as you need.’ The man took one good look at her, nodded and ran off.

Looking up, Coriel saw her father racing towards her. He yelled ‘Mount up and go!’ and galloped off. Coriel jumped back into the saddle and spurred Rex on, willing him to speed up. Eventually, she caught up to her father and yelled ‘What happened?’ Ferian turned to look at her and said ‘King Terenas is dead – Arthas killed him. This is civil war.’ Nothing more needed to be said. The two rode in silence, as the sun set over the city of Lordaeron.

Reunited. Edit

A week later, Coriel and her father rode into Lakeshire and were elated to find Ysabele and Susanna already there. For the next four years they lived a fairly peaceful life, although Susanna and Ysabele were intensely unhappy with the rural lifestyle, and constantly pushed for Ferian to take the family back to Stormwind. Ysabele, particularly, was vocal in her distaste for the small town, and often disappeared for a day at a time, coming back before dark and secretive about where she'd been. However, when the orcish attacks on Lakeshire grew ever more frequent, Ferian planned for the family to make the move to Westfall, which he saw as a more peaceful place. A family friend was contacted, and plans were laid for the family to travel to their new home together.

Exploring Kalimdor.

The day before they were due to leave, a massive Orcish army descended upon Lakeshire. Ferian rushed to join the defence, and was killed by his old Orcish foes. Susanna was killed trying to heal him. Having lost their family, Coriel and Ysabele were left with no choice but to travel the road together, despite their mutual dislike. Somewhere along the route her father had planned, through Duskwood, Ysabele disappeared. Coriel barely made it to Westfall with her life, but she survived. For the next two years, she lived in Westfall as a farmer, building upon the skills she’d developed in Lordaeron. However, with the increasing Defias problem, her adopted family could no longer keep her, and sent her to Stormwind, with a note explaining her situation and begging for help. When she arrived in Stormwind she went to the Cathedral, who, upon hearing who her family were, agreed to give her alms enough to stay in a local tavern, in return for serving the Light.

Silver, Blue, Gold. Edit

Pushing her hair back over her ears, Coriel concentrated. Facing the target dead on, she summoned all her strength and attacked – swinging at the straw buttress with all her might. Panting, she stopped, stepped back and looked at the book on the table next to her. ‘Eh...still not quite right’ she muttered, and stepped up to take her place before the practice dummy once again. She concentrated and yelled, charging it.

‘Coriel!’ she heard, as the door was slammed open and the innkeeper, James, stood there with a meat cleaver in his hand. Yelping, she dropped the blade and put her hands up. James relaxed, and then sighed, looking at the sword. 'Ah thought ye were bein' murdered, lass! What're ye doin swingin' a sword around in yer bedroom?'

Blushing, Coriel muttered ‘I don’t like doing it in the day, too many people watching.’

‘Aye, well, that’s as may be, lass, but it dunnae mean ye can wake my other customers up yellin’ and cursin’ at the crack o’dawn!’

‘Sorry, James.’ ‘No harm done lass. Speakin o’’re wanted at the Cathedral tomorrow morning, seven sharp. A messenger came earlier, I was comin’ to tell ye when ye started screamin’ blue murder.’

‘Thanks, James.’

‘Nae problem, lass. Sleep tight, ye hear?’

‘Yes. Thanks.’

James shut the door and went back downstairs, muttering. A nice lass, but quiet. It was always the quiet ones you had to watch.

The next day, Coriel set out early. Walking through the streets of Stormwind, she observed everyone around her going about their daily business; bakers putting out their wares, children walking to school, housewives putting out the wash ing. Arriving at the Cathedral, she walked up the steps and in, heading towards Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker. She saluted. ‘You wanted to see me, Sir?’

‘Ah, Coriel. You’ve been training hard, I hear.’

Praying to the Light.


'You've been spending time with the Night Elves, in Kalimdor?'

'Yes, Sir. Well, I was sent there, initially just for a couple of weeks but it turned into a couple of months...and then I just sort of got caught up. They've got their own problems, their lands are becoming corrupted and there's demons infesting them, the animals taken over by some fel taint...anyway, I did what I could to help.'

The paladin smiled. ' I hear you've explored the continent!'

Coriel grinned. 'It's beautiful, it really is, from jungle to desert to forest in a matter of miles, and beaches, long beaches with beautiful blue-grey water and the stars above shining bright.'

'It's good you've been doing what you can to strengthen the alliance between the races...just so long as you remember, you're needed at home too. Speaking of which, I have a message here from an organisation you might have heard of. They’re called the Argent Dawn and they are based in Stormwind, but they organise missions across Azeroth and beyond. Currently they’re fighting a campaign in the ruins of Lordaeron, what is now known as the Western Plaguelands, and they need reinforcements. I know you spent quite some time there with your father and I wondered if...Do I take it, from the grin on your face, this is something you might be interested in?’ the paladin said, in an amused tone of voice.

‘Yes!’ Coriel squeaked.

‘Good. I’ll arrange a message to be sent back to them. You’re to leave immediately, Coriel, and I will warn you that this is extremely dangerous. The Scourge infest our once fair lands

Coriel's pendant.

, and the wildlife in the area has become corrupted. One thing I must make clear; these monsters were once human, but they are not now. There is no room for compassion in this mission,

other than that brought with a sword. Do I make myself clear?’

‘Yes, Sir.’

‘Good lass. more thing. It was brought to my attention lately that something of your father’s was given to this Church for safe keeping. I think it’s time you had it back.’ Lord Shadowbreaker took a leather pouch out of his belt, and handed it over. ‘Dismissed, paladin. Go with the Light.’

‘Yes sir. Light be with you, Sir.’

Running out of the Cathedral, Coriel had to stop herself jumping for joy. She’d been waiting for this opportunity ever since that day with her father, when they escaped the Scourge. She’d promised him she would do all she could to restore Lordaeron, and what it meant to call yourself a paladin. Stopping at the foot of the steps, she walked to the fountain and took out the pouch she’d been given. Opening it, she found a silver chain, with a blue sapphire dangling from it. The chain was blackened and tarnished, but the gem within shone brightly. Looking closer, there was a distinct crack down the middle - and a section that had fallen out.

Pastures New. Edit

The armies of undead kept coming. She'd been here in the ruins of Andorhal for hours, hacking her way through rank after rank of gibbering ghouls and skeletons. Tasked with the despatch of a lich named Araj, there was no time to rest now. Ahead, she could see two ghouls and a skeleton shuffling in her direction; not aware of her yet, but she knew their keen sense of smell would soon pick her up. Grasping the hilt of her sword, Coriel found her balance and readied herself. As the disgusting filth charged towards her, chattering, limbs flailing, she called down the power of the Light to bless her and exploded with a burst of Holy energy, sending bolts of light in every direction and stunning the ghouls, stopping them dead. The skeleton kept coming, but she ducked under its outstretched arm, span round and brought her sword down hard on its skull, sending it crashing to the ground. The ghouls, by now free again, grasped towards her but she spun round, bringing her sword down low and chopping one off at the knees, driving the hilt of her sword into the other and then using her elbow to force it to the floor. A swift chop to the neck finished that one off. Panting, she spun round -

- to see a huge abomination lumbering towards her, its mouth hanging open. Coriel gulped, pushed her hair back behind her ears and considered her options. She could stay and fight, but she was weak already; or she could run, which would hardly be honourable.Besides, she was close to Araj himself now, and then she could return to Chillwind Camp with her mission complete. Fleeing would only mean she'd have to hack her way back into this place later, and she wasn't keen on hanging around longer than she had to; the air stank, and besides it was painful to remain in a place that was so obviously human in origin and see it so tainted. Decision made, and willing her aching limbs into action once more, Coriel lowered the visor on her helm, and charged the hulking monster, hitting it so hard it was stunned.

Commander Valorfist narrowed his eyes and stared north, into the middle distance. He could see a limping figure heading towards their camp, with a shuffling gait that could be human, or on the other hand could not. He muttered 'Be ready' to the guards next to him, and moved up the hill a little so as to see better. The figure looked humanoid, and pretty cut up and bruised. A sudden ray of sunlight burst through the thick sepia cloud that always clogged the Plaguelands, and illuminated a blue tabard and golden hair, and a long sword. Relaxing, he gave the order to his guards to stand down, and strode forward to take the arm of the wounded soldier and welcome her into the camp.

Ushering her in, he sat Coriel down on an upturned box and motioned for the Priestess to take a look at her wounds. 'Anything to report, solider?'

Wordlessly, still trying to catch her breath, Coriel reached into the bag slung over her shoulder and pulled from it a glass phial, filled with a swirling gas. The Commander's eyes widening, he reached forward and took the item from her bloodstained hand. 'Araj's phylactery?' Coriel nodded.

Valorfist let out a long, low whistle. 'Impressive. How are you feeling?'

'A little tired, a little bruised. There are a lot of undead there, more so than I'd seen recently,' Coriel grimaced as the Priestess placed her hand on the wound on her upper arm. 'I don't know if they're planning something, but it might be worth sending a few more men to check out.'

'I see. When you're healed up, I'd like you to head up to Uther's Tomb, and spend some time thinking about a proposition I have for you.'


'When you're rested, I said. Take some time. For now, rest, and then come to me when you feel better.' The Commander saluted the young soldier, who got to her feet, wincing, and returned it. Then he walked away.

Later that day, Coriel approached the Commander and saluted. 'You wanted to see me.'

'Yes Coriel. You've been with us a few weeks now, and I don't mind saying you've been an excellent addition to our forces here. The Argent Dawn will welcome you wherever you go in the world, for your services to us. But there are other threats outside of Lordaeron that need seeing to.'

Reaching into the pocket of his tabard, the man pulled out a crumpled piece of parchment. 'This is a call to arms. Have you heard of the Orcs?'

Coriel's eyes narrowed and she nodded. 'Yes. Savages.'

'Opinions vary. But what we know is that there are a few kinds, or breeds. There are the green-skins who have made a home in Durotar, and there are These are more vicious by far than the brutes on Azeroth, and they have mainly remained on their home land. But lately these orcs have become more aggressive. Our forces in Honor Hold can barely hold them back...and while the threat posed by the Lich King himself is dire, our order is also sworn to the eradication of demons. These, too, plague our strongholds on Outland. More troops are desperately needed.'

Coriel nodded, looking uncertain. 'Forgive me, Sir, but my calling in life has always been to eradicate the Scourge. I'm not sure if I'd be any good for what you're proposing.'

The Commander smiled. 'I know you have some personal attachment to this land, Coriel, and your patriotism becomes you. But this is a serious threat; the lives of many people are at stake. It was hoped that we would be able to open portals in Stormwind, to allow travellers to reach the Outland more easily, but it seems impossible to do so currently. I know I don't need to remind you that your duty as a paladin extends to all of humankind, not just those who you feel the most empathy with.' Coriel nodded.

'Take some time, paladin, and inform me of your decision.'

As the Commander walked away, Coriel watched him. She could see his point. And besides, it wasn't as if she didn't have a reason to go after the orcs...the memory of her father's death, at the hands of those savages, was all she needed to get her blood boiling. A smile played across her lips as she realised that this was exactly what Qu...Dtoya had asked her to do; accompany him to the Outland. Maybe she'd be able to get to know him better, or again. Her hand moved unconsciously to the jewel around her neck; maybe she'd find some answers about that as well. Decision made, Coriel walked back towards the camp.

A week later, she stood before the portal in Blasted Lands.

Voice. Edit

Speaks with a slight stutter, which disappears when she's talking about something she's confident about.

Personality. Edit

Warm and welcoming, but shy and reserved until you get to know her. Unlikely to start a conversation, but will chat happily if she's spoken to. Coriel is very studious and spends a lot of time reading and learning, having borrowed several books from the Cathedral of Light and the Royal Library of Stormwind City, as well as others she's found around the world.

Coriel studying.

Quotes. Edit

'All ills can be healed, if you trust in the Light.'

When asked why she studies so much - 'I like books. They might not be as flashy as magic or as strong as steel, but there's a strength and a brilliance there if you look deep enough. Also, swords aren't as much fun before bedtime.'

Personal Notes. Edit

My first character on The Sha'tar.

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