The Legion PlotsEdit

Kil'jaeden the deceiver, a high ranking Eredar demonlord in the Burning Legion had been tasked by his master, Sargeras the Dark Titan, to launch a second invasion of Azeroth. After consulting with his fellow demons Kil'jaeden decided a second immediate invasion of the world would result in a defeat, as it was in The War of the Ancients, and a prelimanry invasion would have to be launched to weaken the defenses of the world. Kil'jaeden then set about finding a race to compose his attack force and he happened upon the planet of Draenor, inhabited by the peaceful Draenei, sworn enemies of the Burning Legion, and by the shamanistic, clan-based Orc race. Deciding the Orcs to be more susceptible to the Legion's corruption Kil'jaeden searched for a figure that he could use to control the Orc race, that figure was the elder shaman Ner'zhul.


Ner'zhul was an Orcish shaman who eld much sway with the leaders of the Orc clans, he was a wise individual who had trained for many years to bring himself closer to the spirits of his ancestors. Kil'jaeden communicated with Ner'zhul and enthralled the old Orc, showing him the power the path of the Warlock could bring and teaching him how to bend the fel energies of Twisting Nether to his will. Ner'zhul was encapsulated by the demon magic and quickly broke his ties with the ancestral spirits, learning the arts of the Warlock under the guidance of Kil'jaeden. Using Ner'zhul as his conduit Kil'jaeden spread savagerey and battlelust throughout the ranks of the Orcs, taking the race closer to the path of war with each passing moment but, much to the dissapointment of Kil'jaeden, Ner'zhul refused to give his race over entirely to battle-lust and defied the orders of Kil'jaeden. The demonlord, angered at his puppet's betrayl sought to find a second Orc to bend to his will, to this end he turned to Ner'zhul's apprentice, Gul'dan.


The apprentice of Ner'zhul was a stark contrast to the elder shaman, Gul'dan wsa not held back by the same fellings as Ner'zhul, he was greedy and selfish, concerned only with the betterment of himself and the pursuit of power. Gul'dan was quick to take to the path of the Warlock and soon began to train other young, impressionable Orcs in the ways of demon magic. Kil'jaeden helped Gul'dan form the Shadow Council, a sect that controlled the Orc clans from in secret composed of practitioners of demon magic. Kil'jaeden watch as the rampant energies that the Orc warlocks created slowly destroyed the world of Draenor, lush green fields becoming barren wastelands of red dust, the Orc society devolving into one of war and battle, fight-pits were built for the Orcs to test their strength in combat and the race yearned ever more for war.

Rise of the HordeEdit

As the Orcs slowly descended into savagery some amongst their number protested to the new ideals the Orcs were taking too, chief amongst them being Durotan, chieftan of the Frostwolf Clan, who claimed the Orcs were losing thewmselves to bloodlust and savagery, though his warnings were ignored and the Orcs continued their descent into savagery. Kil'jaeden knew the time was almost nigh for the Orcs to invade Azeroth amd so the demonlord prepared a final test of loyalty. Kil'jaeden had the Shadow Council secretly summon the Pit Lord Mannoroth the Destructor into Draenor. Under the instruction of Kil'jaeden Gul'dan gathered the Orc chieftans and told them that drinking the firey blood of Mannoroth would make their race invincile, un-bested in combat by another race or army. Desiring this great power Greom Hellscream led the Orc chieftans, with the exception of Durotan, and drank the blood of Mannoroth, unwittingly handing over the fate of their race to the Burning Legion. Gul'dan gathered the blood-maddened Orc clans and formed them into the Horde, a mighty alliance of warriors. The chieftans, however, would vie with each other control over the Horde so Gul'dan and his Shadow Council selected a puppet from the ranks of the Horde and placed him in command of the Horde. This puppet Warchief was Blackhand the Destroyer, a viscous and depraved warlord. Under the leadership of Blackhand the Horde set to prove itself in a war against the peaceful Draenei, the Orcs descended upon the Draenei ina barbaric tide and forced most of the race of the planet of Draenor in the massacre known as the The Battle for Draenor. With the Draenei eradicated and the Orc's worth proven Kil'jaeden consulted with Sargeras. According to the Dark Titan Sargeras had found a puppet of his own on Azeroth, a sorcerer by the name of Medivh, who would help the Orcs come into Azeroth. With this news Kil'jaeden allowed Gul'dan to communicate with Medivh and the two created designs for a Dimensional Getway to span the breach between the two worlds. The Shadow Council set the Orcs about constructing such a Gateway in the Hellfire Peninsula know as the Stair of Destiny. Working together Medivh and Gul'dan used their combined powers to activate the gateway, The Opening of the Dark Portal had been completed and the Horde spilled into Azeroth, the First War had begun...

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