Crimson Greatwind
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Vital statistics
Title Argent Champion
Gender Male
Race Blood Elf
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Affiliation Horde
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Location Silvermoon, Lights hope, Northrend
Status Married
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Crimson is the son of Farniro Darkwind (Greatwind). His father was turned during the attack of Quel'Thalas. The Night Farniro, the rangers and Knights went to head off the Scourge in the forest, it the Night Farniro lost his soul. Crimson waited back home for his father very much awake in the middle of the night. Farniro returned the darkness and necromantic energies pulsing around him. Crimson did not see his father's face when this man came into his room and quickly escaped out the front window into the forest.

The boy was chased with his father yelling after him before finding a bush to hide in. Farniro leaves cursing his son before walking off in the rain. Soon after the Scourge layed seige to Silvermoon as Crimson stayed hidden in the forest, alone and scared. Soon after Crimson traveled the world on his own picking up different cultures along the way. Crimson returned to silvermoon Several years later befriending Nyasia Serrah and Bohsar Ebonyhoof. The three quickly became friends, but all friendships have ups and downs.

A few months later Crimson a Blood Knight now, is met by a girl while he's on duty in silvermoon. Crimson was never great with talking to girls and Xai Archrion was no exception. The two quickly fell in love and joined Xai's father Geis Archrion in the Remnants of the Essence. Soon after a discovery by Lyssah Lyon to open portals in space and time were taken by Xai and Crimson going into the past for 8-10 years living up to the previous day. Within this time there children: Rydanir and Liatria were born and grown up.

After being consumed by a dark power Crimson turned on the Remnants forming a secret organisation named "Core". Crimson failed as Geis got the upper hand using Crimsons family against him by taking his children hostage for one example. Crimsons dark power faded and was replaced with the light once more, due to these happenings Xai Divorced Crimson.

Crimson joined the Argent Dawn and worked his way up as a good Paladin against the Scourge to train for his destiny, to free his father from the Scourge. By Death Or otherwise. This day Crimson and Xai are back together and fights along side his mother Alexus and friend Merdan.



Outsmart Crimson and wear him down. Like anyone his energy will not last he will get tired.


"By the Light and the Argent Crusade, i am Retribution!"


Involvement with the Remnants of the Essence


Attempted Murder

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