Bloodcovered parchment - page from a diary.

« Silithus... Place of horror... Long time ago a sand storm brought me there and something changed in my mind... I felt a corruption, slowly destroying my personality. Someone spoke to me, his quiet voice followed me even in dreams, making a nightmares of them... I weren't in control of my actions – he ruled those, making me kill everything in range of my vision. I have never felt such power and anger, that filled my body then...

 Silithids – I met them in Silithus, while trying to get out of that cursed place. I watched their life – every day, passing by. I killed them, when I had a chance, in wish to learn about their bodies. But with every kill, I felt pain in his mind – like he was connected with every single creature.
Month passed before I found someone living – in Cenarion Hold. Druids then told me one name and I felt that he, who spoke to me, is that creature they told me about...C'Thun, from Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. Admiral told me once about Ahn'Qiraj... I never thought, I'll see it myself one day...
They tried to escort me out of Silithus, to the safe place, but I refused. I found, that there is something I should explore about our World. I lived in my childish thoughts too long to understand that before. Stories about the Old Gods, history of our World now were so close to me, that I couldn't turn away from those. Tough, main reason wasn't in that only... He still controlled me, however I tried to fight with its corruption.
Days took me to get to border of Silithus and Un'Goro. I went down there and met silithids again. But now I haven't heard his voice – it was gone, like the pain of killing silithids. I decided, that he can't feel their deads so far and I need to destroy something greater, to make him feel. I learned in Silithus about their homes – there are crystals in end of caves, that have some strange power upon them. I went in, passing their patrols with help of shadows and cloaking device. Twice they noticed me and I slayed them, making others feel a threat – they became worried, more patrols were searching for me in tunnels. I spent three nights in there, without sleep and rest, before I got to crystal. I avoided attention of workers and run dagger trough a crystal... For the Shadows sake! I have never heard that yell of pain, that appeared then. Silithids started to rush about in agony – workers attacked patrollers, they were killing each other in blind anger... All my equipment – communicator, cloaking device, all engineering stuff – went off. I closed ears and eyes, trying to avoid that noise and pictures of fight. Who knows, how much time it took, before they all were dead...I left cave then – with clear sure, that destroying C'Thun will make all crystals explode in each cave, killing all silithids.
That was, what I thought then. But if only I knew the way to his death...And the truth.»

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