Cyrianna Sindweller
Cyrianna Sindweller (Sunfeather)
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Cyrianna Sindweller

The Scythe

Race and classEdit

High Elf Demon Hunter


Demon Hunter

Master Poisoner

Master Herbalist

Veteran of the Second and Third Wars

Physical TraitsEdit

Scythe is bit taller than Sin'Dorei female elves – her body is well-trained, agile, used to the battles. Even though noone have seen her without the armor – it's obvious because of her moves. She walks quietly, as most of her kind, always being aware of situation. Long white hair, equal skin – there're no scars or any marks on her face. Soft face features are bit of attractive – maybe long time ago she even was one of those, who people call beautiful. Now her eyes are burned out and covered with a black eyeband, hiding enchanted sockets instead of normal eyes.
She's surrounded with a scents of sand and blood – marks of her work and long presence in Silithus desert. Wears one small earring in her left ear – golden ring with a small dragon emerald on it. Also wears a elementium chain on her neck, never hiding it under the armor, with a Zul'Gurub ruby – if someone will look into it for a long time, can notice that ruby glows from inside slightly, beating like a heart.


Note: Biography is made in few stories, starting from the Scourge invasion on Quel'Thalas event. Letting some things stay untold.

« Priestess Cyrianna! The outer gates of the Quel'Thalas are under attack of the Scourge! We need your assistance there!»

Quel'Dorian priestess stops, not turning her head. It takes her a few minutes to find proper answer.

« I... I think the Light has... Has abandoned us, Magister Dawnblade.»

« What? How can you say that now, when we are endangered with the darkness!»

« That's just what I mean... There's no hope. We haven't recovered after a Second War and there's new threat. There's no hope.»

« Priestess Sunfeather!»

She slowly shakes her head and walks away. Magister frowns, watching her leaving, and then hurries up to ask other priests for the assistance.

« Braaaains....»

Priestess shudders, turning her head to the voice and started to move back carefully. Few Scourge ghouls were scouting area near the Tranquillien and she had a bad luck to be near by.

« By Holy Fires of the Light, be purged, monsters!»

Priestess makes short pass with her hand trough the air – cracking sound follows the flash of golden light, that smashes one of the ghouls and sets it into fires. Second ghoul bares his fangs and charges to her – priestess surrounds herself with a swift cast of protecting shield, absorbing attack.

« Hold strong, brothers! The enemy breaks trough, don't let them reach the inner gates!»

Yell resounds somewhere far away – she grins and releases one more Holy Fire cast upon the remained ghoul.

« You betrayed your people. They're fighting there, defending their home, and you're trying to run away.»

« No...There's nothing I can do to help – it's not our fight. Will I be there or not – the Quel'Thalas will fall...»

« Won't you be ashamed of your betrayal? Think of it – you're priestess of the Light.»

« Light have abandoned us, if we're becoming a tool of the Scourge plans.»

She snarls shortly, closing her ears and trying not to hear her own inner voice, and then runs away, as far from Tranquillien and as deep in the forests as she only could.

« Ye be bettah turnin' aroun' an' makin' yer way out of 'ere.»

Farstrider stops, trying to calm down the breath – he was trying to catch up on the rest of the group, that went out for scouting. He slightly tilts his head to shoulder, listening to the voice – accent is for sure trollish, but voice is of elven female.

« Come out of the shadows and speak with me then, stranger.»

« Brave ye are...»

Shadows near the bushes starts to move, as from these comes out a tall elven female, dressed in black and dark green armor. Farstrider narrows his eyes, glazing at her – she seemed to be a hunter in that armor and with a long bow. Hair of dusty gray color, many leaves in hair, and brightly glowing blue eyes.

« Quel'Dorei...»

He rises up his sword, glaring angrily at her. But seems like these actions surprised her – huntress makes few steps back, frowning a little.

« Wha' 'bout me bein' a High Elf?»

« You're betrayer of our people! Suck up with the Alliance!»

« ... I do betrayed our people three years ago. But not because of the Alliance.»

She suddenly starts to speak on pure Thalassian, with calm and slightly tired voice, and turns around, leaving slowly.

« Feel free to shoot me in the back. I'll say thanks. Farewell and ... your group went south from here. Catch up and let them know to turn away – I've seen large group of trolls around there.»

He rises his short bow, taking aim, but changes his mind, when notices her slight glance back at him – so much pain in a blue glance.

« Thank you, Quel'Dorei.»

She smirks shortly, before disappearing in the shadows of the forest. Farstrider shakes his head and hurries to catch up on the group to share the informartion. He knew that there are still some High elven refugees in the forests, but he never thought, that will meet one by himself.

« You're tracking down a demon, not a beast. Try to change tactics.»

She turns around, holding the blade out, aimed at the chest of the stranger, that interrupts her hunt. She meets a silhouette in the leather armor of black and red dragon skins. Huntress feels hard glance incoming from below of the deep hood, but for some reason it doesn't feels like a threat.

« Not your business.»

« It is.»

« Oh really? Why's that?»

He slightly moves his hand, taking the hood off.

« Demon hunter, eh... Fine. I'm leaving your territory then.»

She spits on the side and starts to make her leave.

« You seek for a payback, don't you?»

His question stuns her for a second – how the Nether he knows? She looks back at him above her shoulder, arching an eyebrow slightly. She knew he can see that, even with eyes covered with a blindfold and a changed vision.

« Seeking for a chance to have your vengeance to Legion, Scourge and whatever will appear in future – for your people. And you're still ashamed for a betrayal. That's your reason of being here.»

« How'd you...»

« Was a long time since we met last time, Cyrianna.»

She frowns, moving back to him – peering at stranger closely.

« V- ....»

« Shh. Demons patrol.»

Both elves become silent – by some reason they feel each other as a partners, working on slaying patrol together. Hunt for them becomes a work for two persons in the Blasted Lands.

« We're the blades, that are forged to fight Fire with Fire...»

« We're the blades...»

« From the Nether we call for thee...»

« From the Nether...»

Voices resound in the halls of unknown cave – words on demonic can be heard from time to time and air is filled with power of arcane enegry and summoning ritual. Shadows of two silhouettes move on the walls, repeating every move their owners do – one hands the blade to other, who then reaches it's own face with it. Loud growl makes cave tremble lightly – initiate have sacrificed his vision to gain new one and entrap a demon's essence within his body, after ritual of the capturing a demon and gaining part of it's soul to initiate's own.

He slowly pats her hair with his fingers' tips, while she takes her rest after the initiation, sitting down near the fireplace.

«Kazzak moved his ass to Outlands.»

« Wh...What?»

« The Portal is opened once again.»

« Going for the Temple you, outlander...»

Lean hand of the bright feathered arrakoa grabs her by her wrist, making her surely to stop. She grins, showing short sharp fangs, and lets out quiet growl. Though, it doesn't seem to scare arrakoa off.

« Growls and hisses are not what you should offer for a help, stranger that lost the way.»

« Help?»

« The Temple you seek for is futher to the east, passing many ruins of these great lands.»

« Why...Thank you?»

He lets her hand go and turns around, leaning to staff made of the tree branch, and slowly walks away, down by the road. She shrugs a little and continues her way, now futher to the east – not even sure, why she trusts the words of the native one.

« New one? A female? Haven't seen her before...»

« Who cares, Varedis. I'll train her.»

« Your wish, Alandien.»

« Come...»

« Cyrianna Sindweller.»

« The Scythe you are from now and don't even dare to say your name within these walls.»

« Your wish.»

Two female hunters move across the training squares, followed with the smirks of blood elf initiates.

A long weeks of trainings to improve in her own abilities were awaiting for Cyrianna.


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Family and RelationsEdit


Teloren Sunfeather - father, alive, Silvermoon Remnant, joined Silver Covenant

Kamirre Sunfeather - mother, alive, Silvermoon Remnant, joined Silver Covenant

Anarial Sunfeather - sister, deceased


Vish Kozus (alive, npc, Silithus) - Master, worked together during Ahn'Qiraj effort

Gyel Silverleaf ( deceased, npc-player) - Amani trolls slaying mate

Tharinas Darkleaf (alive, player, location unknown) - Black Temple mate

Khanegael Shadowsrunner (alive, player, location unknown) - Black Temple mate

Shandiss Shedare (deceased, player) - co-worker on texts decoding in Silithus

See alsoEdit

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