D. Grohl
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About the compiler, and version notesEdit

These collection of articles have been written by myself as long time friend of Grohl; and I have taken it upon myself to make somewhat of a study of the man, partially because he is an interesting character and partially to help my studies of the Orc race, in which I have great interest. Honest scribe, and highly dishonest assassin, Raj K. Axentius

P.S. Raj is also one of my characters, 70 belf rogue

irl calendar is assumed 1982 years ahead of Warcraft calendar if zero is taken as the birth of Christ and the orcs going through the dark portal respectively

  • First draft, completed 22nd day of the fifth month of the twenty seventh year
    • First draft of History up until the end of the Second War.
    • First draft of entry on Alteza Grohl.
    • First draft of random facts and things.
    • Planned other categories

Appearance and mannerismsEdit


Birth to end of The Second WarEdit

Born some 63 years ago (about 35 years before the opening of the Dark Portal) into a heavily corrupted orc Horde, in the full thrall of Kil'jaeden's bloodcurse, Grohl had little choice as to his immediate future. From an early age he was given an axe and sent into battle, charging down the Draenei with reckless abandon, he showed little aptitude for the melee arts, but during those initial conflicts there was little to no organization, it was purely numbers that overwhelmed Draenor. In fact, with formal rituals and order thrown aside, he has no idea how he got the name Grohl, he remembers no formal parentage or siblings, just a collection of older orcs who were given the task of raising warriors.

By the time the Draenei were no longer a real challenge and the orc clans had begun to turn on each other, somewhat more tact was required in order to face each other (in the sense that overwhelming numbers were no longer a factor). Grohl recalls how, at about 15, he lost his axe in a skirmish with another clan and lay wounded, frustrated that he could not get up to join the fray only fifty or so yards from him. A massive, orc from his clan passed him on the way to the battle, carrying at least five axes and various other weapons, and seeing Grohl in his state, threw a crude rifle and pile of ammunition down beside him. The giant orc grinned at Grohl, acknowledging their shared Bloodlust, and dived into the battle. Grohl had never used a rifle before, but was desperate to do some damage, so he stuffed the rifle with bullets and unloaded at the rival orcs below. During that battle Grohl killed far more than any of his peers; the chances are, in his state, he probably killed as many allies as foes, but then again, considering the Bloodcurse, the chances are neither him nor his clan cared too much as long as there was killing done.

Over the coming years Grohl improved his marksmanship greatly, spending all the hours he was not shooting foes, shooting cans or other targets. In those days skill was pretty much all they had; honour, rank and age carried no weight among the roving clans, just what kept you alive and put anyone else down. Once Gul'dan and the Shadow Council calmed the Horde down, Grohl was put into a senior position, heading two hundred rifles and was widely known for his abilities, both as a marksman and a leader.

Grohl and his rifle division were training on the western side of Hellfire Peninsula when the Dark Portal was originally opened and the first two clans, blind and stupid, charged through and got massacred; and anyway, the division was drawn from several different clans and took orders from The Shadow Council (not that Grohl was in direct contact with any members of the council; they kept several layers of messengers and lackeys between them and any soldiers.) As such, Grohl only went through once Blackhand The Destroyer was in command and there was a proper plan of attack.

At the head of the successful attack, Grohl quickly became familiar with orc vs human warfare; he was still in the sway of the bloodcurse (though now more settled) and now just got on with his job, scouring Duskwood and Westfall, taking no prisoners, but keeping his orcs in check. A cold, hard commander with a superb division of rifles, it was a lethal killing machine; often used to shoot down humans fleeing from the battlefield, or occasionally sent on somewhat more precise missions, getting close enough to shoot specific commanders, wagons of explosives or the like.

This kept up until Doomhammer took over and the Shadow Council was all but eradicated. Grohl advanced, with the rest of the Horde upon Lordaeron, against all their foes. He lost many good men in the advance, but nothing compared to what he lost when Gul'dan betrayed the Horde. Grohl was left to help hold the front at Lordaeron while one third of the Horde went off with Gul'dan to find the Tomb of Sargeras and another third went off with Doomhammer to destroy them. Grohl saw the idiocy in this and voiced his protests loudly to Doomhammer, but to no avail. Grohl lost almost all his rifles in the battle that followed. The humans, gnomes, dwarves and high elves fell upon them as a flood.

I regret to say I am not a completely impartial observer, in fact this is when I first met Grohl. He and his rifle squad were pinned up in Tirisfal Glades, on the coast. Back then I possessed some skill with arcane magic; me and five other elves were among a force of about a thousand, pinning down Grohl and his hundred and fifty remaining orcs. I recall, even being something of a novice to battle, that I was amazed by the orcs' shooting; their savage grace, and I caught glimpses of Grohl barking orders and running from cover to cover, fighting to the last. The humans with us were particularly aggressive, keen to eradicate every last orc from their precious kingdom. There were possibly half a dozen orcs left including Grohl, all hiding behind a large boulder; and before the humans could storm them I threw up a magical shield and ran behind the boulder, yelling in my (at the time) rather basic Orcish "Don't kill me! I'm saving you! You will get your chance to fight!". Thankfully the orcs either saw saw sense or were too stunned at a puny, scared looking elf running into their midst screaming about help to hurt me. I then called for the commander of the human infantry who, while fuming, knew the King's orders to round up the orcs alive, after some heated negotiation the commander complied, and took off Grohl and his orcs to be 'sorted'.

Grohl and his orcs were kept at an internment camp just outside Stormwind City and the Bloodcurse faded from them all, replaced by a lethargy beyond compare; a kind of bored, inactive, tiredness that drove some orcs beyond apathy, to just stop eating. At least a third of the orcs at Grohl's camp died from this lethargy, all the rest kept their spirits up with dreams of home (the lush, green fields of Nagrand) and hopes of some worthy future, free of demonic forces and driven by honour, once again.

Escape to end of Third WarEdit

Now, as it happens I have lucky enough to have been trained by some of the best gnomish engineers for the last few years and, about a year ago I created my first invention. In the spirit of my Gnome teachers I have called it the "Dictamabob"; essentially it lets me record sound; which in this case means recording a conversation I had with Grohl.

(A slight crackling is heard upon starting the recording then Raj's somewhat high-pitched, almost feminine voice cuts in.)

Raj: Uhm, this recording has been edited; the first part was just us engaging in uhm... some of the more 'extreme' orc drinking games. (Raj coughs awkwardly)

Grohl: (Fading in) Hah, for someone twice my age you still drink like a human!

Raj: Yeah... (hiccups) Yeah, I spent ten years living with humans; guess it must have rub...rubbed off on me.

Grohl: Bah, excuses, excuses; I spent ten years of hell with 'em too, but you don't hear me slurring!

Raj: (startled) lived with humans?!

Grohl: Of course I bloody did you thick-thin-elf! As did most orcs...

silence as Raj works it out...

Raj: OH YEAH! 'fcourse, the internment camps an' all that! One thing I never worked out... You told me they treated you 'llright in them camps; why you 'ate it so much... You've always been peaceful... for an orc, sure ten years of peace can't have been that bad after all that warring...?

Grohl: My lil' friend, you still don't get it do you? Before the Bloodcurse (sound of Grohl spitting (in disgust)) we weren't no peace-lovin' hippies; we had skirmishes and arguments and all that; but the Bloodcurse added to this. Added?! Hell it bloody multiplied our bloodlust! We became so single-minded, all else forgotten, we'd go for days without food, just to reach a battle that bit faster; the only thing that kept the clans themselves from splittin' was that we had a greater chance of war if we had people to war with. When we got stuck in them camps we were all bursting with bloodlust we could do nothin' about. Erm... It's like, imagine you're being starved; you ain't eaten for weeks. The pain is pure agony, you can feel the starvation eating away at you, but you can't die from it, it just gets worse and worse as time goes on. You don't have the willpower to end your own life but living kills you. For us, killing became living; and we were starved of life for years... Sure, by the end, most had numbed themselves to the pain and desire, but it was still there, deep down. They say Thrall roused us by talking of our fate and future; of returning to our roots... maybe there's something in that; but deep down we're still tainted, we followed, at least originally, so we could live again.

(The sounds of Raj snoring are clearly audible, like cloth ripping)

(Grohl coughs to get his attention)

(Raj wakes up suddenly, swaying)

Raj: What? Huh? Yeah, great, very rousing speech, you should be a politician!

Grohl: Oh hah, hah! Very funny asshole; now c'mon I wanna catch the last Zeppelin; you coming or should I leave you to the tender mercies of Orgrimmar's night-life?

(Recording ends)

End of Third War to return to DraenorEdit

Relatives, friends, affiliations etc.Edit


Alteza is a 48 hunter, she was my main while the account with Grohl was down

Once Grohl was in the service of Gul'dan, The Shadow Council and the somewhat more organized Horde, he was in a rather prestigious position, and as such, attracted the attention of several of the fairer sex. Without the gory details (For I assure you, with Orcs the details 'are' gory) Grohl had a daughter from a lady who's name he refuses to tell me; in fact he has told no one (except, I assume, his daughter) anything more than that this 'lady' died in battle shortly after childbirth.

The Child born, however, was one Alteza Grohl (it was when Grohl took the initial D that she took Grohl as her surname... for some reason). Grohl is immensely proud of his daughter, and while she's not quite as great a marksman as he, she is not far off. She grew up under Grohl's constant tuition; because, although he was still very much under the Bloodcurse, he already felt a great loyalty to his daughter; far more so than most Orcs to their young, I'd say that this way because there was no mother, but at least half of all modern Orcs have grown up with only one or neither of their natural parents; more likely their bond was more slowly developed, based on his appreciation and cultivation of her talent for hunting and marksmanship.

Grohl and Alteza have enjoyed a completely erratic relationship; once she was fifteen she was posted to a different rifle division of the Horde for the invasion of Azeroth. They met on and off for the next decade or so, but after that they were working on other sides of the war front; then, of course, they were both taken into slavery. They were reunited only five years ago, and since have re-established their relationship, meeting frequently or, if working at different poles, at least twice a year.

Notable friendsEdit

Notable past guilds/groups/armiesEdit

Pets, mounts and companionsEdit

Trivia and random thingsEdit

  • Yes, yes He is named after Dave Grohl, front man of the Foo Fighters, rock hero of mine, but at least it's an Orcish sounding name!
  • Grohl's pet companion, the Warp Stalker "Flash" only eats high quality grapes, which is the main reason Grohl is always somewhat short on funds.
  • Alteza, however is less orc-sounding, it is an old spanish word for "Your Highness"...

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