Daaritu "Red Wolf" Stormcaller Edit

A part-time resident of the Redridge Retirement Home, Daaritu is a jobbing elemental shaman for hire.


Daaritu Stormcaller

Appearance Edit

Daaritu is medium height and build for a male Draenei, with muscular legs and arms from spending so much time running around on four paws. He is extremely pale, with white hair and skin. He often has muddy hands.

In wolf form, Daaritu looks like he's been pulled through a hedge backwards.

Unfortunately, Daaritu is generally attended by a slight aroma of wet dog.

Background Edit

Early Years Edit

Born in Nagrand shortly after the Draenei arrived from Argus, Daaritu's family made their living as nomad elekk herders, roving the lush grass pastures of the plains. Their elekks are famous for being reliable, steady and unshockable; so it should be little surprise that Daaritu's early days produced a character that was somewhat at odds with both is way of life, and the qualities bred into his herd. By the time he had his 70th birthday, his parents were proclaiming that 'that boy will come to no good', and packed him off to Shattrath to begin his training as a priest.

After the free pastures of Nagrand, the constricting rules of the seminary's school didn't sit too well with Daaritu, and his ensuing behaviour is now something of a legend amongst the boys of the school to this day; particularly the time that he led a protest against school dinners which culminated in a rooftop stand-off that needed the city guard to be called, and the innocent perusal of a book of power that somehow ended in the destruction of the entire physical education wing.

Shipped back to Nagrand in disgrace, Daaritu was delighted to find that his parents had essentially given up on him, and so devoted his time to exploring both the verdant pastures of the land and the verdant pastures of the neighbouring herder's daughters, and occasionally their wives, assumimg that they were slightly better looking than the pack animals they tended.

Formative Education Edit

After the third moonlight chase across the grassland that ended in a beating, Daaritu sought faster means of escape, so consulted a shaman who he'd heard could transform into a wolf.

Firstly impressed by the young man's guts, and later by his ability to find the rules of nature and bend them, the shaman persuaded Daaritu that the best course of action was to study with him. Moonlight flights were soon replaced with balancing rituals and days perviously spent gazing thoughtfully into the eyes of herders' daughters were now spent studying ancient texts... that is, until he finally gained the knack of transformation, and found that a pair of big, brown doggy eyes and a well-placed lick of the hand melted many a maiden's heart, and the chases started again.

It must be recored here that the herders breathed a collective sigh of relief when it was made known that Daaritu would be leaving on the great expedition as part of the healing forces.

Recent Years Edit

Following the crash landing, Daaritu was kept busy for at least an Azeroth year tending the wounded survivors. Eventually, the need for his skills lessened, and he was able to start his exploration of the new world. Taking the nickname 'Red Wolf' from one of the great water spirits, he headed for Stormwind via a brief stay in Auberdine, a stint aboard ship and more than occasional heady close encounters with females of several species, which will not bear recording here.

Stormwind suited Daaritu very well and he soon made himself at home there, setting himself up with a casual jewelcrafting business. All went swimmingly, until Elani, daughter of the fearsome (and considerably larger than Daaritu) warrior Ormel came on the scene. Daaritu rapidly fell into every love at first sight cliche possible. He and Elani married in Dalaran, but their happiness was only to be short-lived; both Elani and her father are missing, presumed dead.

At time of writing, Daaritu is based in Dalaran to hone his jewelcrafting skills from the trade masters who are based there. He finds concentrating on this work makes it hurt less.

Family Edit

Daaritu's family were not on the ship that crashed and survived the sundering of Draenor.

He has three sisters: Jacinthi, Naathi and Amorou, all of whom are now living in Shattrath. His parents, Darintha and Junthel, remain on the plains of Nagrand.

Criminal Record Edit

Wolves are generally not chargeable.

Personal Notes Edit

Daaritu is an alt of Pzinget, who often wishes she could play both characters at once.