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RP, PvE, PvP, sobbing.


Frostwall Garrison

Dagger and Totem is a long-standing Horde Social/RP guild that's been on the Sha'tar since July 2009.

Description (IC) Edit

Dagger and Totem is one of the "new clans" that was formed in the wake of the founding of Durotar. It's currently under the leadership of its second Chieftain, Ursala Earthwielder.

Lead by a runt of an orc and several other misfits, they mostly work alongside the Earthen Ring, Cenarion Circle and Argents to bring about a better future for Azeroth.

It is, in essence, a family unit. Numbering far less than it used to when it was a paramilitary organisation, the modern iteration of the Clan functions largely as a method for individuals to keep in touch and both offer and receive support - be it financial, social, or the kind of support which involves introducing a blunt object to the vicinity of one's enemies at a very high velocity.

Description (OOC)Edit

A casual social/RP guild, Dagger and Totem has been through more history than is really warranted considering it's just a collection of nerds on the Internet. These days, most of its members keep in touch via third-party chat clients, but a core can still be found playing WoW.

We mostly run retro-raids, kill rares, and mess with homophobes.

It has a little-used website and a slightly-more-used blog. If you wish to get in touch with its leader, eir Twitter or Tumblr is your best bet.


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