A death knight who never came to know the truth about his past, shaded in forgetfulness. He was last seen on the farthest pier in Auberdine; the following morning, a boat was gone, and so was the pale man. He's suspected to have committed suicide.

Name Edit


Physical Traits Edit

Dain is a male night elf of average height - which still means monstrously tall from a human point of view - and a fairly light, lean build. His hair is more silver than white, and his skin is extremely pale, which only works to make it seem colder to the touch than it actually is. His eyes have no trace of their original gold, having taken on the icy blue sheen of death; his face is forever covered in a few days' worth of stubble, but aside from the eyes, the cold skin and the echo-y voice, his body is as it was when he still lived. One would even go as far as to say that for a dead man, he looks surprisingly alive.

All night elves are possessed of a certain savage grace, but this one, particularly so. To the last, smallest gesture, all his movement is extremely deliberate, and he can be frighteningly quiet despite wearing heavy plate. What's more, it comes to him effortlessly, without a thought; like second nature. It is one of the things that trouble him constantly, and unaware of it, he tends to wear an expression of mild, mixed concern, sadness and confusion.

Race and Class Edit

Night Elf Death Knight

Guild Edit


Occupation Edit

Watchman and protector. Dain tries his best to keep an eye on his "brethren" abroad, that is, outside the Acherus; he's painfully aware of the less pleasant types amongst them. He has no "skills to pay the bills", though he does vaguely know how to fish (though the fish sometimes freeze at his touch - idle minds). He's not yet discovered the thing his hands would do naturally, aside from wielding paired blades.

Family Edit

Whether he has any, and if so, what has happened to them, is another thing troubling him often. He has no recollection.

Background Edit

There's a plenty of things Dain doesn't know, or understand, but he's not a stupid man, and he has his guesses. While all he can consciously remember involves his service to the Scourge, and breaking free of it, he does remember things such as language, culture and locations, and nearly every day, something new strikes him as familiar. He knows he'll find out some day, but from the fragments he's noticed and learned so far, he's no longer sure if he wants to.

In death, he is kind bordering on pious. The events at Light's Hope Chapel touched him deeply and personally, and while he knows night elves make poor paladins - dead ones even more so - he stands fully under the banner of the Ebon Blade. As he sees it, he has a duty to the world, a debt he will pay by seeing the Scourge to their graves for a final time, to perhaps amend some of his own crimes committed amongst their ranks. For himself, he only wants to find out who he is, or decide, once and for all, that he is better off without knowing; when these two goals are reached, a destiny fulfilled, he will take his own life and die like he should have, for the first time. At least this is his intention. Fate has a habit of changing things when it's least expected.

The truth about him, then? He was probably worse in life than when he served the Scourge. The name he doesn't remember and the face nobody seems to recognise belonged to a master assassin, not a hero of the Alliance, but a villain. Few remember the face of yet another nobody, and Dain was always one of the best at not being noticed. For someone who deceived everyone during his lifetime, including his own partners in crime, the loyalty he's found for both Mograine and Fordring is quite phenomenal.

Family Background Edit

A mystery to him as it is to most.

Criminal Record Edit

The criminal record of someone who has no name? Good luck.

Even if someone were to find out who he was, there'd be barely any mention, and even in the cases he's associated with, he's mostly cited as witness or victim.

Personal Notes Edit

Obviously, calling him by his name will not elicit a response.

Once in the years past, he was the lover, and since then the nemesis, of Cail.

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