Anarayla Darksprocket is a male member of the Darksprocket family of gnomes. His name, Anarayla, was intended to represent the Thalassian for "by the Light".

Family Edit

History Edit

Anarayla was his father's least favourite child until Kall was born. He cried a lot as a baby, hence he was given a "weak" name (a name considered by his parents even weaker than Kall's) - and, between the ages of about 10 and 20, he was tormented in a similar manner to the one in which Kall was later (basically as entertainment for the sadistic Axel, Fizz, and Beloray). However, aged 20, his younger brother Sinn was born - somehow, this inspired him to become as good a warlock as Beloray at least. His father eventually (after Kall was born) warmed to his intentions, and now "By the Light" is the only Darksprocket by both blood and ideaology left alive.

Present Day Edit

He is completely under control of the Fel influence - he refuses to admit to his master Tenebrais' clear defeat in a duel to the death with Kall, and continues to work on ways to summon powerful demons, regardless of his failures in the past. He is now around 70 years old.

Miscellaneous information Edit

Anarayla is an unofficial NPC written by Kall's player.

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