Axel Darksprocket is a male member of the Darksprocket family of gnomes. He is Kall's father. He died at the hands of Tenebrais.

Family Edit

History Edit

Axel Darksprocket was a sadistic and evil warlock who was wanted by several authorities all over the world. He and his family avoided arrest during their stay in Gnomeregan through the use of sophisticated magical cloaking devices. He was a skilled engineer, and had delusions of grandiose - he hatched several "take-over-the-world" plans, all of which failed. The most recent one is the reason why Kall has her soul bound to shadow magic, and why Farshala has such an affinity towards all kinds of magic.

Present Day Edit

Axel was killed by Tenebrais after Tenebrais discovered he had plans to overthrow him.

Miscellaneous information Edit

Axel is an unofficial NPC written by Kall's player.

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