Belladonna Darksprocket, née Everdrackle, is a female member of the Darksprocket family of gnomes. She was killed after trying to summon a demon far too powerful for her.

Family Edit

History Edit

Belladonna Everdrackle was chosen to marry Axel Darksprocket after it was discovered that his previous wife and Belladonna's sister, Fizz, perished in the Gnomeregan incident. For Axel and Tenebrais' plans to complete, the seventh child that Axel had needed to be of the same blood as Fizz' children were, so Belladonna married Axel.

Present Day Edit

Axel and Belladonna had one child, Farshala, before Axel died at the hands of Tenebrais and Belladonna was killed in a demonology accident, involving her summoning a demon far exceeding her own power.

Miscellaneous information Edit

Belladonna Darksprocket is an unofficial NPC written by Kall's player. There's no relation to the other Belladonnas which have been written about on The Sha'tar.

Information about Darksprockets @

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