Dorray Darksprocket is a female member of the Darksprocket family of gnomes. Her name, Dorray, was intended to represent the Thalassian for "Child". She is the younger sister of Kall and the twin sister of Kwell. She died at the hands of Lowdan.

Family Edit

History Edit

Dorray was Kwell's slightly younger and non-identical twin sister. She shared his love for the Fel arts and, despite being severely patronised and sometimes used for experiments (as were her two sisters) by her father, grew to be as strong a warlock as her brother. Axel refused to admit that, to a certain degree - so, when Dorray's 35th birthday was coming up, she was asked to prove her worth.

She had to bring about sufficient strife somehow to her older sister, Kall, who was now engaged to her then fiancé (later husband), Lowdan. Dorray employed imps to spy on Kall and Lowdan, even blackmailing Kall's voidwalker at one point into providing information - and eventually discovered the fact that Kall and Lowdan were travelling to Gnomeregan in an effort to attempt to find the Darksprocket birth records, so that Kall could find out her birthday. Dorray got there first, and changed the year in the records to state that, instead of Kall being 41 at the time - it appeared that she was a lot younger, at around 37. When Kall and Lowdan found this out, Lowdan immediately turned himself in to the authorities for paedophilia (with the legal age for most things in gnomes being 40), despite Kall begging him not to.

Present Day Edit

Kalaena, Kall's secretary, found out about the deceit which Dorray had brought about. The news spread to Lowdan. Lowdan, in a bloodrage, sought Dorray, and killed her - bringing her head in a bag as proof. Dorray was aged 35 when she died.

Miscellaneous information Edit

Dorray is an unofficial NPC written by Kall's player.

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