Fizz Darksprocket is a female member of the Darksprocket family of gnomes. She is Kall's mother, and Axel's late wife. She died in Gnomeregan.

Family Edit

History Edit

Fizz, whilst kinder to her children than Axel was - if only marginally, by measure of she made sure they got better if they were sick - but didn't talk to them very often. She was usually writing grimoires and researching new spells. To an outsider, it would be clear that she was not happy with her quality of life.

Present Day Edit

Perished in the Gnomeregan Incident after being left behind by the main group she was travelling with. May be alive as a leper somewhere, but would be twisted beyond recognition if she was. Died before Farshala was born.

Miscellaneous information Edit

Fizz Darksprocket is an unofficial NPC written by Kall's player. She's not related to any other Fizzes on the Sha'tar realm.

Information about Darksprockets @

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