Kwell Darksprocket is a male member of the Darksprocket family of gnomes. He is Kall's younger brother. His name, Kwell, was intended to represent the Thalassian for "High". He died trying to summon his first Doomguard.

Family Edit

History Edit

Kwell was Kall's only younger brother, born along with his non-identical twin sister Dorray when Kall was 5. As soon as he could, he began eagerly studying the Fel arts. By the age of 20 (by human comparison, 10) he could already summon a voidwalker.

Present Day Edit

However, not long after his twin was killed, he summoned a demon far too powerful for him - a Doomguard - and he died at its hands. His father deemed him, due to this, to be - ultimately - a failure: and denied him any record of his death in the Darksprocket tomes. Kwell was cremated, so that his corpse could not contract Scourge plague and rise - the family has recently discovered a hereditary weakness to Scourge plague (this discovery being a part of now living in the Undercity with Tenebrais). Kwell was 35 years old when he died.

Miscellaneous information Edit

Kwell is an unofficial NPC written by Kall's player.

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