Sinn Darksprocket is a male member of the Darksprocket family of gnomes. His name, Sinn, was intended to represent the Thalassian for "Blood". He is Kall's older brother. He caught the leper disease during the Gnomeregan Incident and, whilst he didn't go insane, he became extremely stupid towards the end of his life, and eventually died from the disease.

Family Edit

History Edit

Sinn was always second favourite to Beloray, and he hated it. He strived as hard as he could to become a better warlock than her, corrupting himself in the process - but he always came second best. He took his frustration out on Anarayla and, after she was born, Kall. During the Gnomeregan incident, he fell unconscious for quite some time - oddly enough, it was Anarayla who went back for him. Sinn had absorbed enough of the toxic radiation to have become a leper with severely reduced cognitive function - but the Darksprockets kept him with them. On several occasions, they considered selling him to the Apothecary in Undercity, as the alchemists there would pay highly for his leper flesh. After none but Belladonna, Anarayla, and Sinn were left alive, and under Tenebrais' control - Sinn suddenly got the urge to break out of the control of the Fel. Anarayla was ordered to take him and kill him - but with Anarayla's last ounce of free will, he set his brother free, sending him on his way to find their free sister - Kall.

Present Day Edit

Sinn, still loosed from the control of the Fel, eventually found Kall in Gadgetzan and went to live with her. His congnitive abilities were still deteriorating swiftly, as well as his physical health. He died of the leper disease when he was 60 years old.

Miscellaneous information Edit

Sinn is an unofficial NPC written by Kall's player.

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