Not a happy bunny.

Darrow (Sam'theiala Dawnstriker in life) is a former High Elven ranger, now Death Knight of the Ebon Hold. Freed from the Lich King's grasp and told to return to her people and 'serve', she finds herself confused amongst her now Blood Elven kin. Nevertheless, feeling in no position to argue with anyone, she presses on to accept her new un-life.

Name and Title

Sam'theiala "Darrow" Dawnstriker

  • Disciple of Frost

Physical Traits Edit

Darrow is very much dead. Although her body is reasonably 'in tact', her skin is unnaturally discoloured and is cold to the touch. Small scars and blemishes litter across her body and in particular a large, unclean rip has penetrated her naval, the exit wound clear to see on her back. The tip of her left ear is missing, seeming ripped off brutally. Her hair looks matted and uncared for, its blue hue clearly a decayed discolouring of the hair's original colour. Her eyes glow with the tell-tale blue of a Death Knight, but are otherwise uninteresting. Her features are often nonchalant, almost as though she has lost the ability to care.

Race and Class Edit

  • Formerly Quel'dorei Ranger
  • Death Knight

Guild Edit

Blades of the Hold

Family Edit


Background Edit


Criminal Record Edit


Personal Notes Edit


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