Name Edit

Deathlord Dasacht Leoncroi

Physical Traits Edit

Well-built with jet-black crew cut hair. He is missing his left ring finger cut from his by Bloodbane, beneath his plate armourmants Dasacht's chest is torn and cut with a gapping wound where his heart once was.

Race and Class Edit

Human Death Knight a warrior before his first death

Guild Edit

The Vanguard of Vigilance

Occupation and current AcitivitiesEdit

Dasacht is a smithy of small renown forging many fine pieces of armour. He is currently one of the Ebon Blade's commanders in Icecrown and the only of the Ebon Blade with the title of "Deathlord" however Thassarian and Koltira Deathweaver are two examples of men who also could take this mantle but have joined the Alliance and Horde respectively. He is also an instructor teaching many "Youngbloods" of the skills that made him famous within the Scarlet Enclave. He is currently working on finding out any information of his father's whereabouts and leaves this only for his duties to Mograine in Icecrown.

Family Edit

All blood family dead. Rethus Leoncroi, his brother now a death knight . His father's Duine fate is unknown, presumed dead. Meroc and Deroc, two younger brothers killed by undead within Duskwood a number of years ago. His mother died of illness in Stormwind last year and a sister fell to the wolves of Hinterlands in the same year as the mother. He has a wife; Jikun whom on the 13th of september 2009, gave birth to two daughters, he also took her son, Laidrech, into his home also. Jikun died in an assasination in December.

Background Edit

Dasacht Leoncroi was originally of Lordearon, when the Plague spread and Arthas betrayed his kingdom his father a knight of small renown had disappeared months before hand, Dasacht lost his mother in Loardaeron and in Alterac he and his brother were beset by Scourge, Rethus was cut off from him and he had no option but to continue on the moment he reached Stromwind at 16 he enlisted in the Stormwind Army and quickly rose to knighthood.Dasacht had in his possesion his horse Luas and his family's balde Drakebane at the time.He was told by an Ancient being, Ifrendatua Proudhorn, whom he had befriended during journies through Kalimdor many years later that if he did not join the Alliance's assistance to the Plaguelands and perish, death would wash over Stormwind and all those that he loved. Refusing to allow this he did as the mighty being asked knowing he would forget all of those he loved and had become as father and husabdn too. He was beset in the Plaguewoods by Thaddius whom Dasacht fought apon his noble steed Luas who was killed in the fray. Dasacht then pinned to the ground freed one hand and sliced at Thaddius whom dragged him to Naxxramas where he spent an excrutionating seven days being totrued and attempted to be turned. Baron Rivendare finally discovered that the Heart of the Leoncroi was uncurroptable. Quickly he solved the problem and ripped out Dasacht's heart and turned him into a Death knight he was then outfitted with a crude and cruel designed robotic arm to replace the one lost by Thaddius. He was then sent to Instructor Razuvious whom taught him before he was sent to Acherus where he alongside Thassarian, Koltira Deathweaver and Orbaz Bloodbane sowed terror and killed many dozens of Scarlets he was known for torturing the Scarlets in large numbers then once he gained the information fed the survivors to ghouls and abominations, Darian Mogriane then called him "Deathlord". After this time he like many other death knights returned home and with the assistance of a caring and loving friend regained his memories with the orb he had prepared. In present day he fights the Scourge in Northrend sowing terror and discontent amongst their ranks particularly the vykrul. Dasacht was reunited with his wife, Jikun, after the battle of Light's Hope yet has always been warrying never truely remembering her. Recently Jikun has been murdered, Leoncroi ripped his own heart out and threw it off the coast of Northrend in order to stop feeling the pain of her loss.

Dasacht has lost his son and twin daughters to a supposed Horde attack apon Hillsbrad an has sworn his loyalty to Terrafros and the Vanguard of Vigilance, whom he shall fight for until he falls.

==Family Background== Edit

The Leoncroi family has long served the Menethil line and when the Sir Anduin Lothar his father was one of the first to support his plee for assisance. Drakebane is his family blade long used by the Leoncroi to bring justice to the damned. Now Dasacht has locked the curroupted blade away unable to handle the shame of the souls he claimed using it.

==Criminal Record== Edit

Dasacht within the Aliiance is a law-abiding citizen and rarely fights with others under the Alliance's banner.



SO he's started letting vykrul become death knights? Arthas is getting more desperate by the day.


Dasacht Leoncroi is infact irish the translation is: Fury Lionheart, this is reference to his heart which was a large part of his early storyline.

Dasacht is seen as a gruff to outsiders but those whom earn his trust have one of the most noble friends ever found. ((Go back on him and he's the worst enemy you could possibly imagine))

Dasacht has only one love, Jikun, whom He fathered twin girls with, he is considered almost fanatical in his love for her.

Dasacht is more generally based on a mixture of Jack Skelington and The Punisher. Jack; his apperance hides a gentle heart with a love for music and song. The Punisher: He is ruthlessness when it comes to facing opponenents and usually if given time can think of lethal tactics and is mastered all wepons.

Dasacht has a fear of deep water, water which he typically cannot see the bottom of, this is from his fear of kraken AND of drowning.

Speculation and facts Edit

Facts: Plays the flute, harmonica and tin whistle. .

Speculation: Dasacht is uncertain of his father Duine's fate, he was last seen in Silverpine but no trace was found he left before and could not be found after the closing of The Greymane Wall.

Notes Edit

Theme Tune: Voices.

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