Name and RankEdit

Name: Deadren

Nickname: D

Rank: High priest of the Alliance forces

Physical appearanceEdit

Deadren is slightly taller than most, but his warm smile ensures that this extra height is not intimidating. Although his pristine looking priest's robe attempts to hide it somewhat, he is rather well built for a magic user, suggesting that he does more than simply cast spells in his spare time. During battle he can look extremely focused, his snow white hair flowing down his back as he expertly manipulates holy forces to aid his allies.

When not on official priest duty, he can sometimes be found out of his robe and instead wearing a simple white shirt and trousers.


Deadren can seem a bit timid at first, but is a great friend once you get to know him, and will do anything for those around him. He likes to learn new things, especially when it comes to tinkering with mechanical stuff.


Not much is known about his childhood.

Priest TrainingEdit

Deadren always had a talent for healing and studied to get better. He did not always pay too much attention when it came to the extreme moral rules of the trade, but he still graduated with honours.


Not a lot catches Deadren's attention as much as a new schematic. Engineering is a passion for him and he takes great pleasure in figuring out how things work.

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