[[Deldorian Sunstrike|Deldorian Sunstrike]] was the first Apprentice taken on by Master Dwin'urdrenn soon after her promotion. Later initiated into the Sunfury, Deldorian met his death in the turbulent wastes of the Netherstorm.

Deldorian Sunstrike, prior to his work as a Sunfury.

Name Edit

Deldorian Sunstrike

Physical Traits Edit

Your average male blood elf. Brown, flowing hair falling to his shoulder frames a young, handsome face.

Race and Class Edit

Bloof Elf

Blood Knight

Occupation Edit

Blood Knight, later Sunfury Footsoldier

Background Edit

The first apprentice of Soraya Dwin'urdrenn, Deldorian was a promising Blood Knight. Towards the end of his training, he was initiated into the ranks of the Sunfury to serve his kin in outland, a duty that at the time was thought by most to be a great honour. Knowing the truth of Kael'thas and his Sunfury Legion, his Master was reluctant to let him leave, yet had little choice in the matter. Months passed before Soraya decided to travel to his aid, should be wish it or not. She found him a broken shell of the elf he once was. Beaten and disillusioned, he blame dhis circumstances on his absent Master claiming (truthfully) that he was only enlisted because she was unavailable to take her place as a Sunfury Captain. Brandishing the sword that had been crafted for her position he attacked his former mentor, besting her in his rage, wounding her in the process. Finally he was overcome, and regretfully Soraya watched her apprentice fall into the eternal abyss of the Netherstorm. Taking his sword, it is all she has to remind her of her student and friend, and it is something she carries to this day.

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