Skipping across the flag stones she blinked to jump forward. Crying in pain she crashed in to a wall. Turning to gather herself she noticed Wobblyman standing watching a group or Warlocks summoning various minions.

She'd called him that as the last time she'd seen him he'd been drunk. Very drunk, he'd barely been able to keep on his feet and her mother had not introduced her. She edged closer to him nervously. Just as she got close the warlocks summoned a fiery horse. She darted to his side and watched in fascination.

Reuss, did not seem impressed. Apparently any warlock could do that. So she challenged him to prove it. Reuss summoned each of his minions. Each one was more impressive than the one before. Well except the invisible one which he insisted was there. He even let her pat the fel hound. It looked scary with all it's teeth, but it had let her get close.

Then he summoned the infernal. The rock demon stomped towards her under his command. Wide eyed she stared up at it. Wreathed in green flame and bound in chains it peered at her. She stared back at it in awe.

After what seemed like a brief moment it turned on Reuss. She screamed and backed off. Quickly he summoned his blue minion and together they beat the rock monster until it was a pile of rubble.

He came to her side as she peered down at the broken bits of rock. He was talking about how this sort of thing happened with infernals. But she wasn't listening, she was staring at the demonic stones on the ground.

"Can I keep some?" She asked him. He agreed. Quickly she stuffed her bag and pockets with as much as she could. Her mind racing about what this would do to the robot armies. Mister Sithren would be pleased.

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