Introduction to the Demonologist Edit

Warlock in demon form

Metamorphosis, the sign of an exceptional Demonologist

Warlocks who specialize in the demonic aspect of the Twisting Nether are known as Demonologists. Their purview lies in bolstering and complementing their skills and powers by delving deep into demonic energies.

Where warlocks straddle a dangerous line by definition, Demonologists walk that line like a tight rope, on occasion even crossing it. They enslave additional and more powerful demons, bending their powers to greater effect and in the case of the exceptionally talented, are even able to allow the energies to transform them, albeit for a limited time.

Path of the DemonologistEdit

The Demonologist's powers are notably generalized. The field of study does not grant many distinct powers to the practitioner himself, but rather allows for the better domination of demonic energies to bolster his general powerset.

Additional demons can be summoned, and the available demons are summoned faster, with greater ease and in a more powerful state. The bond with the enslaved demons becomes deeper, granting a synergy between master and minion. The practitioner becomes more hardened through their practice and by linking their souls together, is able to shrug off more damage by redirecting some of the damage and fatigue to their demon.

Both master and minion benefit from the deep synergy, however, with both parties taking on an enhanced demonic aspect when in proximity to each other. Because of the wider range of minions available to the practitioner, they are exceptionally versatile, and the sign of a skilled demonologist lies in his choice of servant for the situation.

As time passes and the practitioner's skill grows, his command becomes so great that the barrier to the Nether and its denizens can be safely lowered farther and farther. In time, summoning will take less time and effort, and the Demonologist even masters the skill to harness specific demonic aspects, binding them in more powerful stones for his use.

At the pinnacle of skill, talent and power, the practitioner is able to bind demonic forces into his own body to the point where he transforms and becomes a demon himself for a brief time. This form takes the inherent sturdiness of practitioners of the field to its logical extreme and maximizes their powers for the duration, allowing the Demonologist to cast his spells at their most potent, or even join battle alongside his demon.

The aspects of demonology demand a certain kind of personality in order to be manipulated with any kind of safety and certainty. Willpower, discipline and ruthlessness are the unholy trinity necessary for a true demonologist, and only by honing these aspects of themselves can practitioners expand their knowledge and power. Flirting with danger is inherent in the practice, and the person in question has to be able to resist temptation for torturous lengths of time, have the mental fortitude to exert immense amounts of concentration while keeping sight of their ultimate goal, and must strike down any trickery of their dangerous servants with extreme prejudice, all at once. Dealing with demons makes wrestling Devilsaur look like a safe and wholesome Saturday morning pass time.

Demonology is separate from the other fields of a warlock's repertoire in that it is far more martial than both others. The powers of this field lend themselves to combat that is closer to the front line, indeed require it for the skills to be develop properly. Yet to gain these skills requires an enormous amount of research and diligent study, and it is this marriage of aspects that makes demonology so unique.

Suggested Representative Classes Edit

  • Warlock - Demonology Specialization

Demonologists of the Sha'tar Edit

Roleplaying Tips Edit

As a player, you should view this class as a chance to hone your acting-for-two skills. Each bound fiend should have its own set of personality quirks and oddities in behavious, but all loathe the situation they found themselves in. Here are some sample behaviours the demon can exhibit from time to time. As with any quirk, it can lose its charm if overdone, but just have fun!

  • Moan about the circumstances that led to the demon being bound in the first place.
  • Comment on others' mistakes and misfortunes. As a player, keep a running list of spots where the characters may have chosen a more optimal course of action and remind that character about their choice at prime moments. The fiend is sure to pay special attention to its master's foibles.
  • Mock the fiend's master whenever he fails to properly command them.
  • When the warlock is wounded, make remarks such as "That looked like it hurt, master" and other patronising comments.
  • Have the demon describe in gory details the horror that awaits the warlock when he dies, the demon is finally freed and its master's soul is sucked back into the Nether.
  • Complain about any travel disarrangements or discomforts, however minor.
  • Cackle with glee whenever the fiend destroys a creature (it IS a demon, after all).

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