Walking dejectedly into the brazier-lit cavern, the new base for the Heroes' Society, Gremkarc's eyes were heavy with misery. This had followed an unceremonious trip to his most beloved place to plant one of his most beloved items for one of his most beloved friends; an action that had been triggered from an argument, and the obligatory resulting gestures that made everyone feel a bit empty and worthless afterwards.

And now he just needed rest, and to be in a place he knew he was worth something in. His long shadow reflected off the walls and floor as he stomped further into the tunnel. He received a smattering of pride and comfort from the red Horde banners that marked the way, but as he reached the map room, he nevertheless slumped against a cold wall, his tired head in his hands.

Spirits, she was annoying. But annoying in that way you just couldn't get over, and wanted more of. Feisty? Yes, certainly. Troubled? Again, yes. Stubborn? Heh... But it was each of these characteristics that drew Gremkarc in. They weren't easy to deal with, nor were they traits he envied... and to overcome them in a time he was meant to be fighting the good fight in his former homeworld? He couldn't handle it, and he knew he couldn't handle it. But... he had feelings for her. Feelings. She was another orc. Another fighter. A person to relate with...

He grunted, and shifted his weight, trying to make himself more comfortable. It was to be a long night. Salax would probably wander in to see if he could find any amusingly shaped islands on the map, or maybe a more dubious member might come along in an attempt to steal the cartographer's wonder.. he was finding it difficult to care.

Yet he still opened his eyes wide when he heard footsteps. Clutching his staff, he looked at the shadow that was heralding the arrival of a new figure. Tauren, it seemed...female at that... Karrisend? Ciite? Oh...

'Hello, my hero!' said the condescending voice of Charlie, coming into view. A purple robe was draped around her, a smile manic enough to bring together a multitude of the world's most dangerous people and command them to fight for her. She sauntered into the room, body movements as flamboyant as even the most enthusiastic blood-elf's. 'Nice place isn't it?! Nice map, too!'

Gremkarc grunted. He stayed in his slumped position. Charlie didn't seem to notice.

'I just thought I would check up on you. Word came to me that...well... events had made you displeased. Angry. Emotional! We cannot, Gremkarc, have that!'

Like a snake, she saddled over to the map. Looking at it with interest, she planted her finger on the exact spot of Durotar that meant so much to him.

'You do tend to spend quite a while there, don't you?' she asked, pleasantly enough to seem utterly horrible. 'With her.'

Again, Gremkarc grunted.

'Hero, this is no good, no good I say!' Charlie shrieked, an exercise of the vocal cords that had taken Gremkarc by surprise. He looked at her with newly surprised eyes. 'You spend your time moping over a common rogue... and yet Azeroth burns! Where is your duty to the Horde, and to Azeroth? Where, hero? Because it certainly isn't lounging around on the floor of this base, it isn't! Stand up!'

There was no resistance from Gremkarc. He stood up quickly, and brushed himself off. 'What is it that you want, Charlie?'

Charlie smiled; a sudden change from her twisted demeanour. 'What I want, hero, is for you to take some initiative! Along with Salax, you are my lieutenant! And lieutenants cannot be seen in this state, can they? Dispose of your feelings, hero, and learn that they are better things to be fretting about than your feelings of lust!'

'I care for my companions.'

Charlie waved a dismissive hand. 'There is a difference between care and the kind of thing that I know is running through your head, hero. Love like that won't save the world from the nefarious bringers of death! You are no use to me as a lovesick hormonal...' here she stopped, and sighed. 'Wisen up, hero. Your orc friend is not the key to the world's future!'

'She's the key to mine...' Gremkarc stated, in little more than a snarled whisper. He looked down.

'What's that?' Charlie demanded, looking down at the object in the shaman's hand.

Gremkarc made an effort to hide it away, but before he could, the Tauren had already moved. it might have just been the orc's disillusioned state, or just the fact that he wasn't prepared for it, but Charlie was on him in less time than he'd ever encountered. His palm was forced open, and the animal horn that he was keeping warm, fiddling with, fell out. Blood dripped from his cut hand.

'You know, I don't know why I bother! Put a bandage on that thing immediately!' Charlie ordered, pushing away the abused hand. 'And remember you are a soldier of the Horde, and a lieutenant of the Heroes' Society! Do not fail the world!'

Charlie turned on her heel, and her exiting form was eyed by Gremkarc bitterly. He picked the horn up.

And grunted.

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