Dhargonon Dante Xarenze
Image caption
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Draenei
Faction Holy Templars, Hand of Argus
Health Health
Level Level 80
Status Status Alive
Location Location Dalaran, Stormwind city


Dhargonon Dante Xarenze.

Paladin of Naaru Lietenant Commander

Physical TraitsEdit

Dhargonon is Muscular draenei paladin. He never cuts hes long hair, only visits at barbershop to maintain hes hair as long, but not too long. Dhargonon has Bite marks on hes waist, coused by sewerbeast. Hes back looks more muscular than ordinary draeneis.

Race and ClassEdit

Draenei Paladin


Holy Templars


Dhargonon has a place in Alliance Army as well in Hand of Argus and Holy Templars. Often he is put to paper work in army, but often gets duties in field as well. He doesnt let hes daily duties mix up with hes personal life. In hes young age when he was found in the streets of shattrat, he was taken care of 3 vindicators. After the crash he was trained by the Paladins around the world. Now he has Finished hes training and proudly stands against enemies of the Alliance.

Family and lossesEdit

Dhargonons past is darkone. In hes young age he had to leave from rest of hes family with hes father.hes father abandoned him to the lower city of shattrat. After the crash he found hes sister and brother again. Mother still lives in Nagrand. After sometime he found hes sister and brother, he also was married. Dark days came to visit hes family and Dhargonon lost hes Sister to horde assasins wich he withnessed with hes own eyes. Not too soon, Dhargonon lost hes unborn child to murderer who stabbed hes wife who was pregnant. Dhargonon and hes wife decided to adopt a child. Young girl named Syona. Dhars marriage ended by hes own mistakes. Hes Daughter died in childbirth.


Dhargonon was born in Nagrand. At hes young age, Hes father had to leave to shattrat taking Dhargonon hes oldest son with him. One day in lower city Dhargonon was walking with hes father. He bought him a furry toy wich he still carries with him today. After he bought him the toy, he told that he needed to do something and would be right back. After the father vanished to the crowd he never came back. Dhargonon waited hours, but instead of hes father a man came to him. He told that hes father was gone. Man took Dhargonon to Orphanange. At first night he escaped. ran to hes home in shattrat. It was empty and trashed. He quickly took some of hes precious items and ran. As he was small and guards would not let the small boy to run in to nagrand. He lived in the streets. After months, 3 Vindicators found him and took him with em. They told they were friends of hes father. Boy lived with em training the ways of paladin.

After the Draeneis crashed on azeroth, Dhargonon joined the Hand of Argus. He started hes travels soon after. In middle of hes training He fell in love and not long after married. Hes wife was away wich drove him sad often and to drinking. He lost hes unborn daughter to cold murderer wich didnt make things easy for him. Hes married suffered couse of the choices he made. After he had lost hes marriage and hes precious adopted daughter, he was drove in to depression. These days Dhargonon has found someone who keeps him in sane. After he withnessed all the deaths in hes family nearly, He tries to keep himself together at all costs

In PersonEdit

Dhargonon is quiet and sometimes mysterious. But Dhargonon often behaves like a gentleman. He tries to keep himself happy and proud. He decided to let go of hes old scars that never healed fully. He also posesses power that he doesnt show. Some of hes closest friends know it. Though it can been seen on hes face and mood. Dragons mean very much to him. Most of hes time he greets people happily and tries to keep smile on hes face. In Big groups such as guild meetings he considers alot what to say.

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