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Finally finished a drawing of Dom that I am completely happy with. You are allowed to colour in if you want to ^^

Name and RankEdit

Dominique Vida. - Dom to friends or acquaintances and Domi to a select few. She strongly dislikes titles of any kind when directed at her, the higher ranking the more she dislikes it, but as a reflex she will call women she meets “my lady” and men “sir”.

Former Knight, though there is no official record of this.

Physical TraitsEdit

Dominique looks to be in her mid twenties. She is taller than average and curvy, but not chubby.

Her movements are smooth and silent and she seems aware of most things around her. She keeps her back strait and walks with a sense of authority most of the time, although she naturally guards herself in different ways.

Her eyes are burgundy and, her skin is smooth, fresh looking and she has no scars anywhere on her body. Her cheeks and full lips are slightly colored and her thick black hair is usually tied up with two miniature sai. When her hair is loose, it's nearly strait and reaches her belt at the back.

She wears a silver rose ring with a black gothic V.


Dom can come off cold and harsh and she rarely shows much emotion in public, but she is kind and giving and cares deeply for everyone close to her. She trusts easily and forgives quickly if given a good reason to, though she will make anyone who hurts a loved one pay dearly for their mistake.

Her past experiences and especially relationships have molded her into a very complex character and there is really too much to put into words, so if you meet her, you can just see for yourself.



Dom - Made with some chibi avatar maker, and edited to fit better.

Dominique was originally trained as a demon hunter, but left that behind when she lost her family. The two years following she spent researching personal matters in the libraries, and one day in Ironforge she met her new Captain. She then became a knight and a spy, and spent most of her service in the shadows, watching over her Captain.

Not much is known of why she is no longer a knight and she does not talk about it.

She also has some very basic training as a paladin, though she seems to not think highly of paladins in general.

Guild and Group associationsEdit

Previously a proud member of Athanatoi and Immortalis, one of the leaders of Next Chapter, and Steward of Theramore.

Founder and leader of the Bonfire Brigade.


Dominique is a chef, and caters at times to small parties, some of which she organizes herself. She learned to cook from an early age and started to like cooking for others, and seeing them enjoy something she had made. She always works on trying new recipes and asks anywhere she travels for advice and secrets.

She may pretend that it is only a hobby, but secretly she takes great pride in her culinary skills.

((Dom will always work towards gathering all recipes everywhere. Before the first expansion, she knew all there was to know. Before Wrath she did as well, and she will again))

Dominique can also make various concoctions, from practically any herb or plant she can find. She has a natural gift for spotting herbs, and uses some for her cooking as seasoning. But mostly they end up in a vial either used to aid someone, or harm someone - depending on the target.

She is skilled, but does not put too much effort into learning more. If she comes across a recipe, she'll remember it, but she does not purposefully look for recipes, unless she needs something very specific. In which case she will search untill she finds what she is looking for.


No living relatives that she knows of. Although she seems to regard a few close friends as family.

Special InterestsEdit

Dominique has worked hard for the elven lands and believes to have found the source for the corruption, which she spent a few months trying to prove to anyone willing to listen. She seems to have given up this quest though, but will still help out especially when nature is destroyed.

In her two years of reading through scrolls of old lore in every library she could find and access, she came across the legends of the dragon flights and developed a fascination for the creatures. Arriving in Northrend she was thrilled to find the legends to be true, but terrified at several happenings all over the continent.

Over all other beings in the world she holds Alexstrasza of the highest respect, and her meeting with the Life Binder is the biggest event in her life in her opinion.

Criminal RecordEdit

Dominique respects the laws and even unwritten rules of every society, though she does not always agree, and chooses to find other ways of solving matters at times. However, she does not actively break rules, and she will follow all rules and laws as long as they do not go directly against her personal beliefs.



Shari is trying to sleep while Ash and Izzy fight over a bunny

Dominique has a black stallion called Benjamin, which is currently stabled at Eastvale Logging Camp. His pet name is Ben. Her interest in helping the Kaldorei, has helped her gain the trust of the people and as a reward, she has been granted permition to ride a Frostsaber she calls Shari'fal, or Shari for short. Shari was pregnant at the time of the drawing, but has had her kittens now. She's currently busy raising them, and trying to keep their daddy (Ash) from playing too rough with them.

At some point Dominique decided to help out the Wintersabers who are still struggling to survive in the harsh nature of Winterspring. While caring for the cats, she befriended a kitten and was promised him as a companion when he was old enough to leave his mother. She stayed in a small hut in Starfall village while he grew and continued to help feed and care for both him and the rest of his kind. When he got old enough and was trained sufficiently, he naturally followed Dom anyway, and with permition from the trainers, Dominique named him Asrahn, or Ash for short, and took him to see grass and flowers and bunnies (he likes bunnies). He is still just a big kitten though and pounces on Dom and licks her face, which results in some injuries from time to time, but he is slowly growing out of it.

Lastly there is Izumi or Izzy as Dom calls her, which is Dominique's white gryphon. Izzy is quite temperamental and usually wins fights with Ash over rabbits or whatever other treat Dominique offers. She hunts on her own as well, but likes to be treated as the favorite.

Personal NotesEdit

There are plenty of secrets in this woman's life, but she is open and trusts those who show they can be trusted.

If asked she will answer truthfully, but she may not tell everything the first time around.

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