Dr. Romanov Blackwood
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As seen when he rarely makes a public appearance.
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Gender Male.
Race Human... Last time he checked...
Faction Alliance.
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Dr. Romanov Blackwood.... A seclusive character who keeps himself and his business to himself. A man of mystery somewhat, those who interact with him will find him to be wellspoken and polite, though he generally avoids interaction with strangers... He maintains his mystery with good reason, and it would take much digging to find what he's hiding...

Physical appearanceEdit

A human... Nothing special about him meets the eye... He is of average height, has grey-blue eyes and dark hair... Despite being only middle aged, he appears a bit older... He is indeed old before his years. Thats what you get for playing about with fel powers.


Previously a mage of dalaran, he left shortly before the third war to begin his own personal studies in the seclusion of his study in Duskwood. After finding much of his homeland and indeed Dalaran itself, his home destroyed he felt nothing but anger. Driven by this anger he dived deep into his studies... Despite some adventuring following this, he has now returned to his studies in the pursuit of further power and is rarely seen outside of his "study" in Duskwood...

What about him?Edit

A warlock? bah! Definitely not a warlock... Just a man who likes his fire spells... And that's exactly what you'll tell anyone else who asks... On the rare occasions he is seen outside of his dark lair in Duskwood, he usually looks like a respectable gentleman going about his, no doubt, important business (normally, searching for sacrifices...). Though he avoids much of the goings on of the world, he does often find himself stuck to a chair in the nearest bar very very un- sobre... Not a bad time to find out anything you want to know...


A guild? Business and studies come before a guild unfortunately and as yet, the good Doctor has been unable to find a guild that suits his needs. Perhaps when studies and training dominate less of his time he will set about creating a guild of his own...


Romanov has been much over the years... Having grown up in Dalaran after his parents moved from Strom, he eventually ended up a part of the mageocracy... However as time went on he found his various duties to be unfulfilling and he decided to take some time out for personal study. Cue third war. He got back into his studies but soon grew restless. Following this he set off from northshire abbey and did a few years of adventuring all around azeroth, and even Outland... However, in recent months he has found himself back in his pit, working towards self improvement again.


Romanov had a family... A mother, a father. They were born and raised in Strom, but found themselves travelling to Dalaran before Romanov was born... They stayed on there and were enjoying breakfast at the table when Archimonde levelled the city... He also has a brother. A fair haired warrior named Batymuss. Much younger, he has since not spoken or met with Romanov very much. It would appear he feels Romanov is partly to blame for what happened to their parents.

Criminal recordEdit

No... Too have a criminal record is to have been caught. Romanov is far too meticulous to ever be caught doing anything he shouldnt...

Likes and dislikesEdit

None that you need to know of...


Don't call him a warlock! Especially not in public...


"Who's a Warlock!? Who told you that!?"

"Doctor of what? Burning things. That is all."

"No... I'm not going to tell what I did to him... not for another 5 beers yet anyway..."

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