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The Draenei (pronounced as DRAN-eye) are a faction of uncorrupted Eredar who fled their home world of Argus. Their base is on the Azuremyst Isles, near the west coast of Kalimdor, and they are part of the Alliance Faction. Their capital city is the Exodar.

Almost 25,000 years ago, Sargeras, the Destroyer of Worlds, approached the eredar race, telling them that he was impressed by their work. He offered the three leaders of the eredar — Archimonde, Kil'jaeden, and Velen — untold power in exchange for their loyalty. Velen then had a vision dictating the creation of the Burning Legion and its aftermath. He warned Kil'jaeden and Archimonde about this but they did not care, instead thinking of the power they could gain, and accepted Sargeras' offer. Many willing Eredar were transformed, but a faction of uncorrupted eredar led by Velen fled their homeworld of Argus, calling themselves the "Draenei" ("the Exiled Ones"). For thousands of years, they wandered the universe exploring dozens of worlds. Each time they found a home, however, the Burning Legion would be upon them.

After traveling through much of the cosmos, they finally found a safe world which they called Draenor ("Exile's Refuge"). At first, they shared a peaceful existence with the native orcs and traded with them. They followed the path of the Holy Light of Creation, as shown to them by the naaru. Unfortunately, Kil'jaeden eventually discovered the refuge. He chose to stay in the background and instead used the combat-driven and honor-seeking orcs, whom he manipulated, to do his work. As an act of vengeance for their actions on Argus, Kil'jaeden ordered the draenei to be exterminated by the orcs through his student, the warlock Gul'dan.

After the Dark Portal was destroyed, Draenor collapsed upon itself, and what remained was a sundered mass of planetary debris and floating asteroids hovering in stasis within the Twisting Nether. The regions of Draenor that are still habitable are now known as Outland. Draenor was not the only aspect changed in this ordeal; some draenei were altered by the destruction of their world and became known as The Broken. Some of these corrupted draenei fled through the open portals on Draenor and settled in the Swamp of Sorrows on the world of Azeroth. Several of these Broken were driven mad by the absence of their home world and sank into an even deeper primitive state becoming the Lost Ones.

A number of draenei still remained untainted, and it is they who arrived in Azeroth after crash landing their dimensional-traveling ship due to sabotage by malicious blood elves under the direction of Kael'thas. The draenei were the new Alliance race introduced in the Burning Crusade expansion. The draenei are also known to be very long-lived if not immortal, as Velen and possibly a few others have lived for at least 25,000 years.

History Edit

Naru Crash Site

The Exodar Crash Site

More than 25,000 years ago, on the planet of Argus, the eredar race arose. They were extremely intelligent and had a natural affinity for magic in all of its forms. Using their gifts, they developed a vast and wondrous society. At the height of their society, the eredar's three most prominent leaders, Kil'jaeden, Archimonde, and Velen, were approached by Sargeras, the Fallen Titan. Sargeras claimed he was impressed by the work of the eredar: he wanted to supply them with even more power and knowledge, in exchange for their loyalty. But while Kil'jaeden and Archimonde readily accepted the deal, Velen had a vision of the future that filled him with dread. He saw the dark future his people were heading towards: siding with the dark titan Sargeras and transformed into demons. Velen saw the Legion in all its terrible might and witnessed the destruction it would wreak upon all of creation. He hastened to warn Kil'jaeden and Archimonde, but they dismissed his concerns and proceeded to profess loyalty to the Destroyer of Worlds. Together, the latter transformed a majority of their people into an insidious race of warlocks and later allied themselves with the Burning Legion.

Velen nearly despaired, but his prayers for help were answered. A being came to Velen and explained that it was one of the naaru, a race of sapient energy beings bent on stopping the Burning Legion. The naaru offered to take Velen and any other like-minded eredar to safety. Deeply relieved, Velen gathered the other eredar loyal to him. Naming themselves the "draenei", or "exiled ones" in the Eredun language, the renegades barely escaped from Argus in the naaru ship Oshu'gun, with the Burning Legion hot on their heels. Kil'jaeden was furious with what he felt was Velen's betrayal, and the demon vowed to hunt Velen and the rest of the draenei to the ends of the cosmos if need be.

The Legion chased the draenei for many thousands of years. The draenei visited many worlds and explored much of the known cosmos in their quest to find safe harbor. Still the Legion, under the guidance of a hell-bent Kil'jaeden, would not give up its pursuit. Meanwhile, the enigmatic naaru race blessed the draenei with Light-given knowledge and power. The naaru explained that there were other forces in the cosmos that would stand against the Burning Legion. One day the naaru would forge them into a single unstoppable army of the Light. Deeply affected by the naaru's words, the draenei vowed to honor the Light and uphold the naaru's altruistic ideals.

At last Velen and his draenei settled upon a remote and peaceful world that seemed an ideal refuge. They named it Draenor, or "Exiles' Refuge", and there they quietly cultivated their society once again. Ever wary of being discovered again by Kil'jaeden's forces, Velen and his mystics kept their magic hidden for generations.[citation needed]

In time the draenei met and befriended the shamanic orc clans that already lived in the tranquil southern grasslands (later called Nagrand). Aside from engaging in some limited trade, the draenei and orcs regarded one another with respect but kept mostly to themselves.

However, no amount of preparation could keep the draenei hidden forever; eventually Kil'jaeden, in his quest to find more minions of the Legion, stumbled upon the planet and found the draenei. But, his attention was soon fixed on the neighboring orcs. Intrigued, Kil'jaeden realized that they were exactly the race of warriors he was looking for and soon succeeded in corrupting the orcs through his protégé Gul'dan. Smoothly manipulated from a state of wary acceptance into blind rage and blood lust, the orcs attacked the draenei. This bloody conflict lasted nearly eight years, but the orcs' triumph was univocal. The orcs killed over eighty percent of the draenei race and sent the rest fleeing for safety to the remote corners of the world. Draenei who had fought the Horde and survived found that they had been affected by the fel energies wielded so freely by the orc warlocks. These draenei have since mutated into lesser forms, resulting in a series of subspecies.

Kil'jaeden's revenge was complete, or so he thought — Velen and a handful of untransformed draenei have survived the destruction of their cities by the orcs and fled to Zangarmarsh. There they have been hiding until recently. The Exodar crash site. The Exodar crash site.

After coming to Draenor, the blood elves discovered the power of Tempest Keep and successfully seized it. To escape, the draenei came out of hiding and managed to wrestle control of a wing of the keep, The Exodar, and tried to use it to flee and find aid in retaking their home. Before they could, however, the blood elves managed to sabotage what is essentially the "engine" of the draenei's transdimensional travel. The remainder of the Keep lies in Outland in Netherstorm and is now the home of Prince Kael'thas.

When the draenei tried to planeshift, their sabotaged engine went haywire, and The Exodar ended up hurtling out of control through the Twisting Nether until it crash-landed on a chain of islands, the Azuremyst Isles, off the western coast of Kalimdor. As the surviving draenei salvaged what they could of their ship and tried to help what was left of their people, they began exploring this new world; contact with the night elves of Darkshore was imminent.

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