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Drokk as a grunt defending the Iceblood Tower

Full title Edit

Drokk'thar Iceblood, grunt of the Frostwolf Clan. He only allows people of higher ranks such as the Warchief and respected shaman to call him this, he prefers to be simply known as Drokk.

Class and race Edit

Orc warrior.

Physical traits Edit

Drokk is around seven feet tall and has a strong, proud physique due to his years serving the Horde as a grunt and working as a blacksmith. His light green body is covered with scars both old and new as he has been known to recklessly charge in to large groups of enemies when his bloodlust and rage get the better of him. His eyes are a dark crimson colour and are almost constantly moving to take in his surroundings. His greasy black hair naturally grows into a small mohawk and week old stubble is usually seen covering his thick jaw. A scarred and misshapen nose, broken in the past, hangs above his frowning mouth from which two small tusks jut.

Personality Edit

Drokk has a dark, cynical personality he's gained through his travels and experiences in life. He is generally rude when meeting new people as he prefers to be alone. However, he can become quite a sociable Orc if he's amongst people he truly considers friends. Despite his cynical nature he would still gladly dive in front of an enemy attack to defend his friends, which has led him to picking up the path of the shield and axe instead of his previous dual axes. Drokk has picked up an attitude of "Attack now, ask questions later" which he picked up through his many quests as a mercenary, this has caused some problems however as he can get a bit headstrong, underestimating his enemies and such, which has led him in to some problems over the years.

Occupation Edit

Drokk is currently working as a freelance mercenary, taking any jobs that can afford him food and the chance to get into a good fight. He previously worked as a grunt for the Frostwolf Clan, stationed at the Iceblood Tower for fifteen years. Coming from a family of respected blacksmiths, Drokk is a natural with the hammer and anvil. He forges weapons and armour for the Horde whilst he is in a capital city, earning a nice and tidy profit the majority of the time.

Family Edit

  • Runn'thok Hammerforge - Father - Unknown, presumed deceased.
  • Thrysta - Wife - Deceased
  • Anturk "Little Ant" - Son - Deceased

History Edit

((This was originally supposed to be about three paragraphs in length, but once I started I had to keep adding in little details here and there, so, sorry in advance for those who actually read all of it. :) ))

Drokk was trained as a warrior of the Horde. His Father who hadn't gone through the portal with the rest of the Frostwolf Clan for unknown reasons taught the young Orc everything he knew of the way of a warrior and the honourable craft of blacksmithing. In his teenage years however, Drokk had begun to dabble with fel magics and eventually turned to the dark path of a Warlock.

Once his Father learned of this he immediately cut all ties to the young Orc and left. His Father had warned Drokk for years of the dark ways of fel magics that the Frostwolf Chieftain Durotan had warned the rest of his Clan about.

Drokk, unsure of what to do eventually decided to join the Shadowmoon Clan and went through the Dark Portal to fight with the rest of the Clan once he reached the twentieth year of his life. Whilst killing waves of humans with members of his new Clan, Drokk noticed that Grith'ka, a senior member of the Shadowmoon Clan was summoning demons to kill his enemies.

A week or so later, Drokk had stolen some supplies from the Clan and had created his own summoning circle. He met with dismal results with the first several attempts to summon a demon, however, on his eleventh attempt he managed to summon a doomguard. To test out the demon he ordered it to bow before him, however, the demon chuckled before attacking the Orc with a large sword.

Drokk armed with only his stave and a small ritual dagger valiantly fended off the demon before killing it with an heroic strike to the demon's temple. The moments after the kill Drokk felt a great rush that excited and confused him. However, the rush was ended quickly as Grith'ka appeared out of no where. Upon the sight of the demon corpse, he demanded answers from Drokk. Drokk admitted to stealing the supplies to summon the demon which caused Grith'ka to attack the young Orc. Casting dark flames and sadistic curses, the young Orc didn't stand a chance trying to stop the Warlock with fel magics. So instinctively Drokk attacked the Warlock with his dagger and stave.

Drokk killed Grith'ka after falling into a blood rage and violently ripping out the warlock's throat with his dagger. Once he got hold of his senses however, Drokk knew he was in trouble. If the Shadowmoon Clan found him over the corpse of a senior clan-member, he would most likely be killed. So he ran.

Unsure of what to do, Drokk fled north through the Eastern Kingdoms, honing his warrior skills to the levels they once were and making a pact to never use fel magics again after the torment he had been put through by Grith'ka's spells. Eventually, Drokk found himself lost in the Alterac Mountains. Cold and alone. After several weeks of barely surviving the harsh colds he stumbled upon the Frostwolf Village. Amazed that he found Orcs, Drokk walked in and was even more amazed to find that they were Frostwolf Orcs!

The Orcs regarded him with suspicion until Drek'thar questioned Drokk, who explained everything that had happened to him over the few months he had abandoned the Shadowmoon Clan. Drek'thar believed his story and claimed that "The ancestors have guided the lost cub back to his pack." Finally, Drokk had found a home once again. The Orcs accepted him as one of them and he began to work as a grunt and blacksmith for them.

This lasted thirteen years within which Drokk started a small family, unfortunately his wife died during childbirth. He grieved for a short period but had to move on fast as he had a newborn child to take care of. That was when Thrall appeared amongst the ranks of the Frostwolf Clan, Thrall had come to seek aid in freeing his fellow Orcs from the human internment camps.

Drokk was one of the grunts that went with him in his endeavor, leaving his Son to be cared for by the Clan. Drokk followed Thrall throughout the entire third war killing in his name, during that time gaining great respect for the young Warchief. Once the third war had ended, Drokk returned to the Frostwolf Clan to work as a grunt once again for several more years.

A few months after the invasion of Outland, Drokk decided to leave the village in boredom. The attacks on Frostwolf Territory had all but dissipated as the Alliance were sending their forces to Outland instead. After some contemplation, he decided to bring his Son along as well so that Drokk can personally keep training him the ways of the warrior. The two made their way through Alterac to Hillsbrad, then on to SIlverpine Forest and Tirisfal Glades. Doing the odd mercenary or bounty hunter quests here and there. Drokk's Son had become a fine warrior during this time, despite the young age of fifteen. After a while they eventually met up with the troll Kazajin, with whom Drokk struck up a friendship with whilst they were both working for Thrall during the third war. Kazajin convinced Drokk into going to Outlands to fight for the Horde and to show Anturk the Orcish heritage.

The two made their way to the Blasted Lands and went through the Dark Portal. The next thing they did was to go to Nagrand to see if there was anything left of the ancient Orcish society there. However, a few days into the trip to Nagrand the two were attacked by a group of Ogres, Drokk was mildly injured, but Anturk had taken a sword through the stomach, killing the young orc. Drokk's rage and grief consumed him over the next few months. He soon learned that when he was fighting, he could forget about the grief and rage, he could just feel the rush of battle. This caused him to earn an accurate reputation as an reckless, but efficient monster who would take any mercenary jobs.

In recent times Drokk has calmed down and seems to have finally let the grief of his Son's death go. However, he still feels the need to get in to as many battles as he can to feel the rush, the bloodlust that makes him feel so good. In order to do this he still works as a freelance mercenary and bounty hunter to this day. Though he's moved from Outlands to ply his trade in the new war in Northrend.

Quotes Edit

  • "Bring it on, pansy!" - Said whilst charging into battle with a single foe.
  • "Bring it on, pansies!" - Said whilst recklessly charging a large group of enemies.
  • "Place your hand on my shoulder one more time and I'm taking it with me when I leave." - Drokk meeting new people.
  • "Murder? What do ya mean murder? He was undead! He was already half way there, I was just helping him along!" - Drokk's defense to a murder charge.
  • "Let the Alliance filth come! We make our stand here! We shall show them the wrath of the Frostwolf! Lok'tar Ogar, brothers!" - Motivating his band of grunts at Iceblood Tower as the Alliance attacked in superior numbers.

Personal Notes Edit

  • Drokk's original second name was "Hammerforge", named after Anturk Hammerforge, an ancestor that forged the original Doomhammer for the Doomhammer family.
  • Drokk got the second name "Iceblood" after being a grunt stationed at the Iceblood Tower in Alterac Valley for thirteen years without a day off.
  • Drokk's Son, Anturk was named after the same ancestor who forged the original Doomhammer, Anturk Hammerforge.

Criminal records Edit

  • Drunken and disorderly behaviour in every Horde capital city.
  • Minor assault charges in Orgrimmar.
  • Three murder charges in Undercity and two in Thunderbluff.

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