High Botanist Freywinn in the Botanica. The Blood Elf "Druids" there are more similar to gardeners then to shape shifting Druids.

Introduction to the Druid-MageEdit

There were once high elven druids before the Second War. These druid magi used arcane and runic magic (a form of magic that has a connection to ley lines) to create runestones, like the one at Caer Darrow which was later turned into the Altar of Storms. Some of the most ancient druid lore was passed down to the half-elves (resulting in the half-elf savagekin). It would seem that most high elven druids are long gone, but it appears some remaining ones may have joined the blood elves, such as Freywinn in Tempest Keep. High elven rangers are practitioners of druidism. However, those who were killed by the Scourge lost those powers when risen in undeath, having to unlearn what they once believed in order to become dark rangers. It would seem that most high elf druids likely do not have shape shifting abilities, but rather just a keen sense of nature.

The path of the Druid-MageEdit

Suggested Representative ClassesEdit

  • Mage
  • Druid - If Blood Elves could be Druids. It seems Druid-Mage is a fairly Blood Elf/High Elf exclusive class.

Druid-Mage of the Sha'tarEdit

Roleplaying TipsEdit


There is very little known about high elven and blood elven druids. It is unknown it they belong to a single organization such as the elven rangers, or split amongst several organizations.

High Botanist Freywinn, a blood elf druid located in the Botanica.According to the Warcraft II manual, the Runestone at Caer Darrow was erected by high elf druids.W2Man 35 Later sources refer to the runestones as being crafted by magi, which seems more fitting with the additional development of the high elven society in Warcraft III. Although, the definition of magi does not contradict a druidic source of magic, as there can be magi within druidism by real-world definition. Even the Warcraft II manual made a connection to the "arcane" and "magiks" when discussing the Runestones created by the high elven "druids".

However, according to the Warcraft RPG, runic magic has some ties to druidic magic. Some half-elves (offspring of high elves) are even reported to have retained druidic magic passed down in their culture, becoming savagekin. It is said that high elven rangers that have become forsaken turn to the ways of dark rangers once finding out they can no longer use their powers of druidism. In Burning Crusade, High Botanist Freywinn is a blood elf druid, and many of the Sunseeker Blood Elves hold druidic abilities, all of them residing (appropriately) in the Botanica of Tempest Keep.

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