Druid of the Fang

Druid of the Fang by Belnema

Introduction to the Druid of the FangEdit

These Druids take the serpent as their totem and though their leader has fallen into the Emerald Nightmare, they were once a powerful and well respected order. Now however, since their occupation of the Wailing Carverns, there are only a small number of uncorrupted members who are scattered around Kalimdor searching for a way to release their leader, Naralex, from the Nightmare, to cleanse the Wailing Carverns and to return the Barrens to their lush state again.

The path of the Druid of the FangEdit

Suggested Representative ClassesEdit

  • Druid

Druids of the Fang of the Sha'tarEdit

Roleplaying TipsEdit

As said in the introduction, there are only a very few uncorrupted Druids of the Fang. Most will be stationed in Kalimdor, likely away from "civilisation".


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