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Introduction to the Druid of the TalonEdit

While they didn't have as big an impact on the Third War as the Druids of the Claw, the Druids of the Talon were a valuable addition to the forces of the night elves and, later, the Alliance. They take as their totem the storm crow, and by extension, ravens, hawks, and other birds of prey. They are not frontline soldiers, as the Druids of the Claw are; their roles are in a support capacity. Their shapechanging abilities allow them to perform valuable espionage, and their abilities impose a variety of disadvantages on their enemies.

The path of the Druid of the TalonEdit

These secretive druids have adopted the totem of the crow. Their primary role in society is information gathering and intelligence. They have the ability to transform into storm crows and fly over the field of battle to scout and deliver orders to distant troops. Their magical spell-like abilities are capable of channeling even the winds to fight against the enemies of Kalimdor. They may create ferocious cyclones to sow chaos into enemy lines.

Suggested Representative ClassesEdit

  • Druid - Most likely Balance, though Feral would work out in a lesser degree too.

Druids of the Talon of the Sha'tarEdit

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Roleplaying TipsEdit

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