A day in life Edit

Exactly what it says on the tin. Short stories of typical days of typical members of the given race.

Description Edit

The Dwarf is a gruff race, mostly known for their stubborn manner and loyalty to their allies.

In the time of need the Dwarven race will always be at the side of the Alliance from the beginning to the end of Battle, with unmatched courage and loyalty.

Clothing Edit

A typical Dwarf's clothing would depend mostly on the profession he or she chose.

A warrior would most likely be seen in their finest plate or mail armor, showing off their pride and skill through the armor they wear.

Though the typical miner may be dressed in traditional leather, as would the Hunter.

Though the priest who turns to Priesthood may wear robes.

Grooming Edit

A dwarf male (or even female) will find that his/her biggest pride will be in their beard. Their beards can be braided, shortened or just long.

The easiest way to recognise a dwarf is in their long beards that reach down to their lower body.

They usually keep their beards neat, but it is not unusual for a dwarf to have an unkempt beard.

They will usually have long hair aswell, though some keep their hair short and sometimes braided.

Psychology Edit

Looking into the mind of the race. Sub-headings regarding aspects of their psychology encouraged.

Life Edit

Leisure Edit

Dwarves enjoy drinking and crafting. They're gruff and loyal to each other and the Alliance.

Arts and Crafts Edit

Dwarves are miners, blacksmithes and craftsman. They take pride in their craftsmanship and hone it finely. Mining is a common Dwarven skill with the possible exception of Wildhammers. Blacksmithing is a Dwarven pride and skill which many Dwarves are devoted to. Engineering, along with their Gnome cousins altough to a lesser extent, is becoming something of another craft for the Dwarves.

Technology and Magic Edit

Dwarven technology is only surpassed by the Gnomes and that is because for the Gnomes, technology is a way of life. Still, many Dwarves supply and pilots siege engines and other technological devices. While tinkering is the Goblin and Gnome's forte, Dwarves are adept with technology such as guns, siege engines and the like.

Love Edit

At War Edit

Dwarves have any unmatched courage and loyalty at war. In the past, they rarely left the mountain fortresses but now they are leading troops into Northrend. Their tactics often utilise guns, siege engines and so on. Riflemen are a major part of Dwarven tactics and the Dwarven army utilises them to their full extent. Dwarves are also a strong race, capable of wielding swords easily but they prefer axes.

Aging and Death Edit

Society and culture Edit

Roleplaying application: this section deals with the day-to-day aspects of the race's society, elements that are considered common knowledge and the basic assumptions members of the race makes about the world. Consider which of these assumptions your character accepts, which he does not, and how open he might be to alternate ways proposed by other races.

Relationships with other races Edit

Roleplaying application: The above generalisations represent how an average member of the race's society views someone from a given other race. Since there are no average members of society, only individuals, it's up to you to decide how these comments fit. Does your character adhere to the stereotypes presented below? If not, why not? Was there something in your character's past that changed his or her view of a given race from the status quo?

Religion Edit

The general part.

How they worship Edit

Specialised info about rites, prayers et al.

History and folklore Edit

Legends Edit

Heroes of old Edit

Language Edit

Phrasebook Edit

Proverbs and sayings Edit

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