Early Life Edit

Kelu Meleth'reas' memories of his early childhood are foggy visions of being blissfully happy. His father always there full of strength and wisdom, his mother's musical laughter constantly filling their home. Soriel Ros'Vorontir was from a good family, not nobles but of a good respectable standing. It would have been easy for Soriel to marry above her station and improve her family prospects. She instead met Dolen Meleth'reas whilst browsing in a jewelry store. Dressed in fine robes, the handsome elf charmed his way in to her heart.

Dolen's promise of wealth and hope soon proved to be empty. There was no family fortune, he was no rich merchant. He appeared to be a struggling sales man waiting for the next get rich quick scheme. She stopped asking about his business, he stopped making excuses for where he had been.

She busied herself making pretty dresses for her friends and accepting small tokens of gratitude. Eventually she was forced to give up her tea mornings and social events with her more fortunate friends to find real work. The more she had to work the, more time it took her away from with her son and the more miserable it made her.

Dolen had begun traveling further and further away from home staying away for days at a time claiming that he was seeking out rare items to sell. Resenting his father, Kelu followed him thinking he was keeping a mistress in the next village, instead he discovered a much darker world.

His father begged and pleaded for his aid. His debtors threatened all of their lives, he was only doing this to protect his family. For the sake of his mother, Kelu allowed himself to be drawn in.

As he matured he took more control of his life. Banishing his father from the family home and abandoning the name he gave him, instead taking up his mother's. Njósnavélin Ros'Vorontir worked in vain to rebuild her lost hopes. Early mornings and late evenings were spent picking herbs and flowers, his days spent trading in the village square.

Marriage Edit

Renianna and Njósnavélin were the same age and had grown up together rapidly becoming best friends. Their mothers had been childhood friends. Renianna Erin'aes was from a family of rangers, well respected in society. Their marriage was assumed as soon as they were born. The two mothers playfully plotting how their babies would grow up together and fall in love.
. Ren had insisted that her sons become rangers and they had a natural skill for it. They were her sons, like her in looks and mannerisms. They would spend days away training and hunting leaving Njós home to tend to the stall he now rented and care for his fading mother.

Gradually Njósnavélin become more interested in the herbs he sold, experimenting with them and selling the occasional potion on his stall. He quickly made many contacts and regular customers who were glad to trade with the polite young elf.

Leithien D'Seregon noticed the young father building his business and offered to train him in his art of alchemy. The business flourished and rapidly outgrew the small stall. Now close companions, they rented a little shop just off Dawning lane, "Remedial Libations" and moved the family in to the rooms above. Njos finally felt contentment in his life. His mother was finally settled and his sons training hard in a respectable vocation, the birth of his daughter made his life seem perfect.

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