Loremaster Edanna Kal'es
Edanna, as drawn by Menord
Vital statistics
Title Loremaster
Gender Female
Race Blood Elf
Class Wizard
Age 133
Beliefs "If you harm none, do as you will."
Alignment Chaotic Good
Affiliation Magisterium (Loremasters order), the Convocation of Elrendar
Occupation Loremaster - wizard, librarian, researcher, artificer
Location Quel'thalas
Status Slightly weakened
Relative(s) Living parents, extended family

Physical Traits

This 5' 11" Sin'dorei female possesses a harmonious body build of typical elven proportions (small breasts, slim hips).

Her face is lively and expressive, prone to cartoonish contortions, with bright, friendly eyes of an unusual, persian green colour. Her lips have a peculiar curl which makes her appear smiling roguishly most of the time.

Edanna's stance is usually relaxed and comfortable, but can change to proud and noble with only a minor weight shift.

Her body language patterns are flowing and drawn-out most of the time. She appears to be consciously toning it down - when she's excited, she's got a tendency for dramatic gestures.

Her voice is pleasant and melodious and her Thalassian less spoken and more chanted. Her Orcish suffers, however, sounding soft and strained. One might think her voice carries some compelling qualities, but it doesn't. Not that she doesn't wish it would.

Class and Occupation

Her mixed schooling, composed of harnessing her innate sorcerous talent and standard wizard education made her officially become an Elven Magus. After receiving complementary training, first with the Scryers, then with the Kirin Tor, she learned several high arcanas of the Archmage trade.


Edanna was born into a family of mages: her mother, Valishaera Vetulani, is a sorceress of no small skill, her father, Ennalon Kal'es, a wizard specialising in crystals. Thanks to luck and skills, they both survived the fall, making Edanna one of the very few Sin'dorei with an intact family.

Many of her extended family from both branches have been (or still are, a few have survived the fall of Quel'thalas) arcanists, scholars, researchers and sages as well. Edanna profits from this, because it allowed her to receive a top-notch education during her youth, and she has access to a decent knowledge base even today.

Of note are the clans Edanna hails from. While neither of them is a noble house, the Vetulani used to be one of the wealthier families pre-fall and the Kal'es, while only moderately affluent, are one of the few non-noble houses who had representatives in the Convocation of Silvermoon (twice, around 3600 and again 1600 years before the present day). During the fall, their combined possessions lessened greatly, but still generate enough profit to allow a comfortable life.


Childhood and Youth

Edanna drew her first breath near the town of Tranquillien which, before its desctruction, used to connect many small trade routes crisscrossing Quel'thalas. The town also served as a stopping point for caravans coursing between her homeland and Lordaeon. Eighteen months after her birth, however, her parents moved north to Silvermoon, where the majority of the family resided. The civic environment suited her: between a loving family and "mean, though street kids" she ended up level-headed, emotionally stable, eccentric and as shrewd as any Quel'dorei child could be.

At the noble and venerable age of 5, Edanna underwent the first, preliminary tests to determine innate magical ability. The tests scored negative; Edanna seemed not to have eny exceptional aptitude yet. After some tears, pouting, the obligatory tantrum and finally the most valuable thing a parent can give to his child (a thorough thrashing), life resumed its normal course.

The age of 16 is a good time for a young Quel'dorei to begin learning independence and a trade the fledgeling Elf finds most appealing. Edanna happened to reach this age in the middle of her transition from a bratty half-pint into a young woman. It was then that Edanna received the key to her own appartment, just a street or two away from her parents'. The appartment was on the 1st floor of the Opera Parlour, a café positioned vis-a-vis the Silvermoon Opera. The cafe used to be a popular meeting place for singers, musicians, conductors and some of Silvermoon's richer music-lovers. A tradition of the Opera Parlour was to cajole residing stars into well-paid after-hours performances and concerts; small, private parties which only a chosen few could attend, often by showing monetary dedication. A chosen few... and Edanna, who lived above. By a string of strange and silly coincidences, she moved in the day before a performance of an exceptionally talented and skillful ensemble.

That night, Edanna was lying in bed enchanted, listening to the soothing tunes, dreaming of the art and the Art, imagining grand and wonderful things each brought to Azeroth. Half-sleeping, she could feel the gentle streams of magic flow around her. This was the moment things clicked together for her: she'd devote herself to the pursuit of art. The next morning she applied to the chorus of the Silvermoon Opera.

Awakening and a life of music

Magic, as everyone versed in the topic knows, has the tendency to hide in plain sight. It shares this trait with forgotten rakes in thick grass, childrens' toys in dark corridors at 3 am and serpents which take up residence in mailboxes. Through a strange fusion of magic, music and a mental state that night, but Edanna started to recognise the subtle streams of the arcane around herself. However, she picked music before magic.

One can speak at great length about hair-raising adventures, but fun and merry times are rarely worth mentioning. The time at the opera was one of the happiest in Edanna's life. The young elf was slowly and patiently learning the noble arts of song, dance, acting, stagemanship and instruments until she rose from a simple choir singer to a soloist and became a popular persona on the Opera stage.


Magic comes as a gift to some, a surprise to others and a discovery to Edanna: while not regretting her choice, she does wonder what would have been if instead of the most basic arcane training she had decided to start learning in all seriousness right away. She usually then chuckles and reminds herself what great fun she had for the next few decades.

After fifty-some years of remaining blithely ignorant of the mystries of magic, there came a time when the Art just became... interesting. Edanna started reading books on the subject and attending lectures and, to her delight, found it to be an art form as great, if not greater, than what she was doing at the opera.

An aspiring student of magic needs a master to guide them through the first leg of their journey. Edanna visited many, only to be met with the same response: "too old." And they had a point, too - the overwhelming majority of Mages start their apprenticeships young, sometimes even before twenty years of age.

Help finally came, though, in the form of Edanna's mother introducing her to her own old master, the venerable Voren'thal the Seer. Whose first words upon seeing Edanna were:

"Too old."

Edanna's soul wasn't crushed, it flared up - she would get the apprenticeship, even if it was going to be the last thing she'd ever do. Having decided that, she got a tent, supplies and put siege to Voren'thal's home on his begonia patch until nine days and nine nights later, he relented. Edanna could start studying the Art in earnest!

Edanna remembers her apprenticeship under Voren'thal fondly. It was a time of high excitement, explosive mishaps and epic banter. Edanna's master was a sink-or-swim mentor, to her liking - instead of spending time explaining dry theories, he would present a problem to her and give a few leads, after which she had to solve the problem by herself and learn the underlying theories. Often they would experiment together, then discuss the underlying magic while cleaning the laboratory after an explosion or waiting for their colours to normalise.

The apprenticeship taught Edanna self-reliance, independent thinking and creativity. It gaver her sound theoretical and practical knowledge, but most importantly it taught her that magic is fun and something to like.

Dark Times in Quel'thalas

Convocation of Elrendar

Everything was peaceful until the bungo nation attacked.

Edanna's tales

Below are some of the stories Edanna told at the weekly Thunder Bluff Storytelling.


"What is magic, you ask me? I can only tell you what I know. I know magic is my life, my path, my friend, my art. Something very personal to me. My being. My sustenance. Magic, simply, is what I am." - Edanna sounding idealistic...

"Is there anyone stupid enough to try this? Well, let me tell you. If someone had created an End Of The World button, hid it in a cave filled with lethal traps, protected by monsters of legend and placed behind seven mountains, seven forests, rivers of lava and whatnot, the paint wouldn't even go dry before some bloody stupid hero came and triggered it!" - ...and cynic.

"Why does every bloody Tauren and Taunka I meet think I've got problems and inner turmoil?" - Edanna, who has never experienced emotional angst in her whole life.


Things you might know about Edanna:

  • During her career as a soloist, she ended up singing evil roles more often than not. Wicked witches, seductive Succubi, evil empresses, plotting matrons, she's seen (and acted) them all.
  • Edanna is an okay cook. Her meals are neither homemade feasts her grandmother prepares, nor noble haute cuisine by professional chefs, but they will go through the mouth without much resistance, won't make the eater feel as if carrying a large brick in the stomach and not cause food poisoning.
  • She believes the Blood Elf - High Elf division is just a passing trend and that the race will eventually unite again.
  • Edanna's favourite jewellery is made of ivory and organic gemstones like amber, copal, coral, jet and pearls. Her favourite mineral gemstones are sapphires.
  • Edanna has excellent night vision.
  • Edanna doesn't really like the feel of her silk. Most of her clothing is made of cotton or the softest wool.

Things you should not know about Edanna:

  • She partook in tapping of the Burning Crystals' energy only once, but it was enough to change the colour of her eyes. Afterwards, she tapped mana only from non-fel sources.

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Edanna's current theme tune:
04 - Instrumental (Csm 123)

The previous theme song was Order (Academy) from Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

I first saw the name Edanna in the Spiderweb Software game Nethergate, where one of the characters in a pregenerated Celt party is named this. The name simply stuck.

Tropes that (might) fit Edanna: